I Am Death by Chris Carter


Book description
Seven days after being abducted the body of a young woman is found, the autopsy reveals she has been tortured and murdered in the most bizarre way. The killer likes to play games , and he leaves something behind for the police to find. Detective Robert Hunter, who leads the LAPD’s special section is assigned to the case, and immediately a second body turns up. Surrounded by new challenges as every day passes Detective Hunter finds himself chasing a monster. A predator whose past hides a terrible secret, whose desire to hurt peoples and thirst for murder can never be quenched-for he is DEATH

Chris Carters latest offering I am death is not for the faint hearted, some of the torture scenes in this book are graphic to say the least, and at times uncomfortable to read, but this is what makes Chris Carter such a fantastic crime writer, his detail to police procedures and psychological profiling are second to none, and you are able to get a real understanding of the criminal mind and the way it works. From the off I am death is fast paced with lots of twists and turns along the way, there are also plenty of red herrings thrown into keep the reader guessing to the end, and the ending well suffice to say the killer came as a complete surprise to me. Chris Carter goes from strength to strength, with each book he writes, and in my is opinion one of the best crime writers of this genre I for one will eagerly await his next book. One small gripe the price of the kindle book was more expensive than the hardback edition, so I imagine some readers who prefer to read books on their kindle may wait until the price drops

5☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️Out of 5 from me

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