The Prodigal by Nicky Black


Book description

The prodigal is the debut novel of new author Nicky black and what a debut, it’s gritty and realistic, this book deserves everyone of its 5 stars. Detective sergeant Lee Jamison, returns to Newcastle after being sent away 16 years ago, he is now back in search of his teenage daughter, he’s never met. Lee is assigned to Valley park, a deprived estate where crime, poverty and social deprivation are rife. It’s here he meets Nicola Kelly, the wife and punchbag of a local Villain Micky Kelly. As Lee and Nicola become close, through one tragedy after another they fall in love and embark on a dangerous affair that will alter their life’s forever. If they want to be together then Mick will have to go.

I read the Prodigal in two sittings, which is a sure sign I’m enjoying a book. From the first page The Prodigal had me gripped, with its flawed characters, the realistic descriptions of Valley Park, which could be one of many forgotten estates all over the country. It’s easy to imagine the crime, drugs and poverty that thrive in these communities. Nicky Black also gives hope by describing the loyalties to family and friends, the compassion and the fact despite how little people have, they are willing to help people less fortunate than them selfs. The author does not shy away from difficult topics which include drugs, domestic violence, and infidelity The Prodigal moves along at a great pace, it’s realistic, gritty and the story flows throughout, it was also a very realistic portrayal of a deprived estate, and the character who live on such estates. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to others.

One small negative the Prodigal is only 276 pages long, I just wish it had be longer, as I wasn’t ready for it to end

5☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️Out of 5 from me

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