The Chocolate Lovers Christmas by Carole Matthews


Book Description

Christmas is just around the corner, but the women of The Chocolate Lovers’ Club have more to worry about than present shopping …

Lucy loves running Chocolate Heaven but she hasn’t spent time with her boyfriend, Aiden in weeks. And then her ex-fiance turns up and things become even more complicated!

Nadia hasn’t let herself get close to a man in a long time, yet she can’t help feeling drawn to Jacob. will he be her last chance for a happy ending?

Chantal and her husband, Ted , are besotted with their baby daughter Lana – but Chantal isn’t sure that’s enough to base a marriage on.

Autumn is dealing with a tragedy that has hit too close to home. But when she doesn’t get the support she needs from her fiancé, will she look elsewhere for comfort?

Can friendship overcome all in … The Chocolate Lovers’ Christmas.

This is the 4th book in the chocolate lovers series, and Lucy, Nadia, Chantal and Autumn all make a return as does their love of all things chocolate, and then add to the mix newly appointed Member Stacey, who just happens to have a baby by Chantal’s husband, and the Chocolate lovers Christmas is up and running. Reading a chocolate lovers book is like meeting up with old friends, the characters have evolved so much throughout out the first three books you really feel like you know them all personally. Carol Matthews writes in such away you feel you are sat along side the chocolate lovers as they discuss their personal life’s and devour bucket loads of chocolate goodies.

As the book description suggests most of the woman are struggling to make their personal relationships work, and like many a good book there are plenty of obstacles in the way, before true love can be found. You can’t help feeling empathy for our chocolate lovers as they deal with their problems, after all they feel like old friends. Yes it’s predictable in parts but thanks to Carole Matthews style of writing, she manages to keep the reader wanting more.

Full of humorous moments the Chocolate lovers Christmas will keep you entertained until the very last page. As I reached the end I felt like I was saying goodbye to old friends, as I had lived their ups and downs along side them, through the laughter and the tears. Fortunately for fans of the chocolate lovers the end of the book also sets the scene for what I believe is to be the next in the series. I do have one small gripe, I found Lucy constantly calling her boyfriend Aiden “crush”, became very irritating come the end, I’m sure many women have pet names for their other half, but I’m not convinced “crush” would be one of them!

All in all I did enjoy the Chocolate Lovers Christmas it’s sentimental at times, with a dash of Christmas thrown in, and if your a fan of Carole Matthews I’m sure you will love every chocolately (I know there’s no such word, but in keeping with the book) moment of this book. Many thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for an advanced copy in exchange for a honest review.

4☕️☕️☕️☕️out of 5 from me

Publisher: Sphere

Kindle edition


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