NetGalley Reward


I just wanted to share with you my latest award from NetGalley, I received my 80% award after reading and reviewing 80% of the books on my NetGalley shelf. I’m really pleased that I manage to reach this goal in just over 2 months of joining. I’ve reviewed 29 of the 38 books on my list, as well as reviewed books I have had sent to me, which obviously aren’t included.

When I joined NetGalley I was like a kid in a sweet shop, requesting all manner of books and authors, and I have read a wide range of books by doing this and I’m pleased to say I now have a long list of not to be missed authors. I work full time so I’m really happy with the amount of books I’ve reviewed, I know a lot of bloggers who manage 4-5 a week on average which I think is amazing.

I love that I get to read, review books and then blog them, I have had some great interaction with fellow bloggers and authors who are always so appreciative of my reviews, and although my blog is only a couple of months old I feel like I have been doing it forever.

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