Forget Me Not By Luana Lewis


Book description

When Rose’s daughter, Vivien, is found dead in a suspected suicide, Rose has questions nobody can answer. Wasn’t Vivien living the perfect life? A caring husband, a sweet little girl of her own.

Or the perfect murder?

But as the police investigation develops, their findings raise new questions. Did Vivien kill herself, or was she attacked? If so, who has something to hide?

As Rose struggles to piece together the secrets of her daughter’s life, the cracks in the family begin to show. But once Rose knows the answers, there’s no going back…

“Forget Me Not” is a very apt title for this book, as I’m still thinking about it long after I finished it! From the prologue I was gripped, and read it at every opportunity, it’s one of those books that drags you in from the very first page and keeps you reading to the very last page. Luana Lewis has written a taunt psychological thriller, that deals with grief, guilt and family secrets.

The story unfolds, mainly through Rose’s narration, although we also get get tantalising snippets from Vivien’s perspective. I found it very difficult to like any of the characters in this book Vivien is selfish and controlling, and Rose appears cold hearted and obsessed with her job as a Nurse on a neo natal unit. The mother and daughter relationship is flawed in so many ways, and there is a distance between them that is tangible, but as the story unfolds, it becomes clear why Rose has such a fragmented relationship with Vivien. The characters although unlikeable are believable. Forget me Not showcases the authors clinical psychology background, as her characters are complex, and psychologically damaged. It was also interesting to see how a mother and daughters flawed relationship could have far fetching consequences. I think Luana has skilfully created a set of characters who make Forget Me Not to be a very credible book.

From the first pages of Forget me Not the suspense builds up, and remains consistent throughout. It is a well written psychological thriller which keeps you guessing right until the very end,absorbing and dark in suspense Forget Me Not was a quick read for me, thanks to the superb writing and the very tense story line

It’s 5☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ out of 5 from me
Publishers:Corgi 5th Nov. 2015



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