**Guest Post** Even Angels Fall by Fay Louise Darbyshire



I’m so excited to have Fay Louise Darbyshire author of Even Angels Fall On the book review cafe today. With Christmas nearly upon us I thought it would be interesting to do a Christmas themed guest post.  Here Fay tells us what she loves/hates about Christmas.

What do you love about Christmas?

I love everything about this time of year to be honest! Everyone’s spirits are lifted and people just tend to be in a great mood in the weeks leading up to Christmas day! Everyone is feeling very sociable and there are lots of trips out to the shops, the Christmas Markets and of course to the pub to have a drink or two with friends! I love how pretty all the Christmas lights are; I love the cold weather and wrapping up warm. I love decorating the tree and wrapping presents with a glass or two of prosecco! I love Christmas jumpers and Christmas music, eating more chocolate and treats than should be allowed and curling up on the sofa watching Christmas TV after a lovely family lunch! I think it’s a very nostalgic time of year and I love all the little traditions that my family and I have! We will be at my Mum’s on Christmas day – just like every single year before – eating, drinking and celebrating together! It is the time spent with family and friends that I love and cherish the most! I think it is definitely the season to appreciate the people in your life, to reflect back on the year and to be grateful for how lucky you are to have the family and friends that you do!

What do you hate about Christmas?

I honestly can’t say that I hate anything about Christmas, as it is such a fun, nostalgic time of year! The only thing that bothers me is when the build up to it starts far too early and there are adverts and Christmas decorations up in the shops in September! For me, when I was little and it was all so exciting and magical, the countdown would start as soon as December 1st came around! That’s when the nights would draw in, we would open our advent calendars on a morning and we would be marking off the days! It was only three weeks but it felt like forever as we were waiting for Christmas day to come around! Now when all the TV adverts and products in the shops come out three months before, for me, it just takes the magic out of it a little bit! It’s more about sales, profit and consumerism – which I suppose is just what happens when you become an adult! But I much prefer to keep the excitement and the magic of the build up in December – as it definitely reminds me of a very happy and innocent time in my childhood!


Author Profile

Fay Louise Darbyshire is a twenty eight year old, first time writer from West Yorkshire. Born and raised in Leeds, Fay finished High School at the age of sixteen and went on to enrol at Leeds College of Art and Design where she studied Media, Film and English. After graduating into the world of full time employment, her passion for writing remained and she spent several years developing film scripts and screen plays in her spare time, until finally deciding to adapt one of her stories into a book in late 2013. Her debut novel ‘Even Angels Fall’ was released at the end of 2014.

The story deals with some difficult subjects and when asked about the serious and emotional content of the book, Fay says, “I, like many people, enjoy a ‘happily ever after’ read. To have that sense of escapism and to get caught up in a feel good story is great, but I have to admit, I tend to prefer the darker, grittier genres. I like books that challenge an audience and take a reader out of their comfort zone. Stories that deal with characters and situations that reflect the struggles in life are much more real, raw and honest to me, and are the ones, I feel, that leave the biggest impact.



Book Description 

After suffering an unthinkable loss, Abbey Miller and her family move to Leeds to rebuild their lives and start again, but the pain and grief that Abbey carries with her is impossible to escape. As she finds herself becoming increasingly isolated from her family, she develops a firm friendship with Lucy, Nathan and Liam, who introduce her to a brand new and exciting world, far removed from all of her problems. But will her new friends bring her the light hearted relief she has longed for? Or will she find herself getting drawn deep into their dangerous and intoxicating world?”

Book Description

’Even Angels Fall’ is a New Adult contemporary drama which tells the story of an eighteen year old girl called Abbey Miller, whose life falls apart after the tragic death of her twin brother. After moving up North with her family to start a fresh, she finds solace and comfort within a new group of friends whose carefree lifestyle leads her off the rails and into a world of drink and drugs. The narrative follows Abbey as events spiral out of control and she tries desperately to keep the ones she loves close while attempting to put the pieces of her life back together.

‘Even Angels Fall’ deals with some strong, hard-hitting themes – such as grief, loss and addiction – but it also shows how even through the most difficult times, someone can find love, laughter, friendship and family. It is a heart-wrenching, coming of age story that shows how certain actions have consequences and that the aftermath of drink and drug addiction can sometimes have a costly and lasting effect.

When asked recently what type of characters we can expect to find in ‘Even Angels Fall’, Fay replied;

“The first word that comes to mind is flawed, especially when referring to the group of friends that become like a family to Abbey. They haven’t had the greatest of starts in life which is why they make a lot of the decisions they do. They are lost and are just trying to make the best out of the hand they have been dealt. They make a lot of mistakes and a lot of bad judgement calls, but despite that, deep down they aren’t bad people. I like characters that are multi-layered and complicated, because that is real to me. They aren’t saints, but they aren’t villains either. It is never that black and white.”

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You can buy Even Angels Fall

Amazon: http://goo.gl/PuiGLz

Amazon: http://goo.gl/tY1KG6

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