Trust No One by Clare Donoghue

This is the third crime novel from Clare Donoghue in the DS Jane Bennett and DI Mike Lockyer series, but for me it’s the first Clare Donoghue book I have read. Although there are small references to previous books, Trust No One can easily be read as a standalone. Richard Taylor a divorced father of two is found dead by his children and DS Jane Bennett and DI Mike Lockyer are called in to investigate. At first it looks like he might have died in his sleep, but as more details emerge it becomes apparent that this wasn’t the case, and the police are looking at a murder enquiry. Trust No One is mostly told through the investigation, but there are also chapters that give a glimpse of Richards life prior to his death.

Trust No one is a relatively easy read, the plot flows along at a reasonable pace, and there are a few twists in the investigation to keep the reader engaged. The main characters Bennett and Lockyer rub along nicely together, but if I’m honest I found them to be pretty average characters lacking any real substance. I also found the other characters in this book difficult to like or feel any empathy for them, as they all had traits I disliked.

There are only a small cast of characters who could have committed the crime, and without giving away any spoilers, when the killer is revealed what should have been a hell of a twist fell flat! The character I’m talking about was portrayed in a certain way all the way through the book, and then with no build up or clues the character became a manipulative psychopath who killed without remorse. So unfortunately although the plot started out convincingly, by the time I found out who the killer was I found it to be far less credible. Trust No One was an average read for me, and I was left feeling slightly disappointed and frustrated by the ending, and for that reason I can only give it 3 stars.

3☕️☕️☕️out of 5

Print Length: 290 pages

Publisher: Macmillan (10 Mar. 2016)





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