**It’s the book reviews cafés first Blogiversary today**


It was only when I was looking through some of my old posts I realised today it’s my first Blogiversary, I can’t believe it’s been a whole year and what a crazy year it’s been in more ways than one. I thought I would share with you my first ever post, as you can see the first people to like my post were one of my very favourite authors Caroline Mitchell and the lovely Kate over at http://www.bibliophilebookclub.com both have always been so supportive of my blog, so a big thank you ladies 😘image

I never dreamt in a million years people would actually follow my blog, I guess I was hoping a few people might read my reviews and like them, but I never expected to have such a huge number of followers on my blog or Twitter page,  sometimes I am literally gobsmacked by the interest shown by bloggers, readers, authors and publishers alike.

I love blogging, and the supportive community of bloggers  I’ve grown to know and love. I also enjoy promoting the books that I love and supporting the authors whose books I enjoy, I never believed when I started blogging that I would end up on first name terms with some of them, let alone that they would be contacting me to see if I would review an ARC of their upcoming book, it’s things like this that make me pinch myself sometimes as it seems so surreal.

Some of the book review cafes highlights

If I could give one piece of advice  to new bloggers it would be “don’t be afraid to say NO”, as when I first started to blogging I said “Yes” to everything and unfortunately I’m ashamed to admit some books weren’t really for me and this made reading and reviewing them really difficult. I try to help as many authors as I can, but with so little time and so many books to read I’ve just had to start saying “No” and yes I feel bad every time I say it!


Anyway, I would just like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to bloggers and followers alike I really do appreciate every single one of you 😘😘……and to the publishers and authors who trust me enough to read and review their books another HUGE THANK YOU 😘😘. Also a special Thank you to Mr book review café (Andy), for reading and editing my posts, and for putting up with me (especially when I’m trying to read, and get grumpy when he talks to me, ring a bell anyone?)

And on a final note keep yours eyes open as once I’ve thought of a fitting prize,  I will be running a competition to celebrate my first year in blogging…….. In the meantime here’s some  virtual cake to celebrate  (it’s the thought that counts, right 😀) X 



32 thoughts on “**It’s the book reviews cafés first Blogiversary today**

  1. addictionofbks

    Congratulations! I agree with your advice and do say no. Problem is sometimes a book sounds amazing but in reality isn’t and becomes a chore to read. I’m delighted you love blogging and reading alike. Continue being amazing xxx

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