The Diary Of A Serial Killer by Tara Killmaster #Review


Book description

Everyone knows you’re not supposed to read someone else’s secret diary but you’re welcome to read mine.

I won’t tell you my name. I won’t tell you what I look like. I won’t tell you where I live.

I will tell you all my secrets. I will tell you why I kill. I will tell you how I kill.
Tara’s debut crime novella gives a unique perspective on murder. That of the killer. The victims, the people left behind and even law enforcement don’t have a voice in this diary, because they don’t have a voice in his world.

If you want to know what a killer thinks about and feels during planning and carrying out a murder and even afterwards, look no further than ‘The Diary Of A Serial Killer’.


Everyone knows you shouldn’t read someone’s secret diary right? But I’m sorry after reading Sarah’s review over at I just knew I had to take a peek. Call me twisted if you like but I’ve always been intrigued by serial killers and thought The Diary Of A Serial Killer was the perfect opportunity to delve into the mind and workings of one.

And let me tell you he is one sick and twisted serial killer, yes I know this applies to all serial killers but I wasn’t prepared for how depraved the killer would be. Through the diaries you learn what a killer thinks during both the planning and carrying out his murders and the emotions they feel after the event. I have no idea of the killers name or what he looked like which certainly made for a very original read, and added a sense of intrigue and mystery. The diary charts his killings in such a matter of fact way it sent chills down my spine, as did the fact the killer discusses every day events alongside his kills, for him killing is very much part of his routine.

What I found the most chilling was how normal the killer seemed, which made for a plausible read, after all how often have you read about a killer and friends and neighbours said “he always appeared so normal”. There are some very graphic chapters in this book so it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea I’m afraid, but for me I found it to be a totally gripping read. In my opinion it’s a very accomplished debut. This novella is short at 72 pages long, but the author certainly packs a lot into it. If I’m honest I would have liked this to have been a novel, as I was gripped by the serial killers thoughts and actions I wanted to read more about him.

If you are of a sensitive nature then I suggest you give this book a wide berth, but if like me you love a book that’s darkly disturbing and genuinely shocking then I would highly recommend you get yourself a copy.

Paperback: 72 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (17 Aug. 2016)

Amazon UK     Amazon US

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