**Blog Tour** I Kill by Lex Lander # GuestPost


Today I’m on the blog tour for I kill by Lex Lander, this is the second book in the André Warner Manhunter series. Have you ever wondered what makes a great crime location for a crime thriller? Well now here’s your chance to find out


Some of the locations I have used in my Warner series such as TANGIER, NICE, AMSTERDAM, LAS VEGAS, apart from their exotic air, all have a reputation of being slightly dangerous places for one reason or another. Tangier is traditionally a den of intrigue, Nice, heavy on criminal activity generally, Amsterdam the drug and one-time murder capital of Europe, Las Vegas is of course all about gambling, but other rackets prevail there, notably protection, prostitution, and money laundering, with gang killings as a by-product.

Tangier in particular is where West meets Arabian-Africa and has always been a favoured location among novelists who want to add a frisson of danger, mystique, and uncertainty. Paul Bowles’ Let It Come Down, William Burroughs’ The Naked Lunch, and above all William Bayer’s eponymous Tangier are leading examples. That said, even a city like Amsterdam, renowned for its history of art and culture, has its downsides, and the drug culture combined with the on-display call girls provide plenty of material for criminal doings.

In order to create the right atmosphere a personal visit to these locations is a must, and exploration of the ‘sleazier’ sections of the city usually provides a rich source for storytellers who want to create a plausible background make the reader feel that they are right there with the protagonist/s.

Book description


Racked by guilt over his accidental killing of a young Italian girl, contract killer André Warner has effectively retired himself from his ‘profession’ and taken to drink and other palliatives, while sinking slowly into a mire of depression.

A contract in Tangier to assassinate an Arab drug trafficker lures him out of retirement and self-pity. Soon after his arrival he encounters attractive American widow, Clair Power, and her precocious sixteen year-old daughter, Lizzy, who bears such a striking resemblance to the girl Warner killed that his waning anguish is instantly rekindled. He attempts to assuage it by embarking on a fling with Clair which brings him into conflict with a mysterious Dutchman named Rik de Bruin, who also appears to have designs on her.

The contract on the drug merchant is cancelled with no explanation given, but Warner, now seriously involved with Clair, is more relieved than disappointed. Their budding romance is not destined to blossom however. Clair disappears and Warner is landed with the role of de facto guardian to Lizzy.

In tracking down Clair, Warner crosses a line that brings him into conflict with the local police and he is deported from Tangier with a distraught Lizzy in tow. Back at his Andorra villa she slowly recovers from her mother’s disappearance and launches an assault on Warner’s good intentions. Her increasingly provocative behavior disturbs yet excites him, and when Rik de Bruin pitches up in Andorra and begins to take an interest in Lizzy too, Warner gets possessive the only way he knows.

Too late, alas, to save Lizzy from an unspeakable fate.

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About the author

British-born thriller writer Lex Lander was raised in France, earned his degree in French and Italian in New Zealand and currently lives in Montreal. Lander is the author of political thriller ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER JACKAL, published by Kaybec in 2013. Vol III in the series, THE MAN WHO HUNTED HIMSELF, will be published by Kaybec in the autumn. The first two volumes in the André Warner series, END AS AN ASSASSIN and I KILL by Lex Lander (published by Kaybec 1st May 2016) are available to buy online from retailers including amazon.co.uk. and all good bookstores including WHSmiths.

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