**Blog Tour** Blood Lines by Angela Marsons **Author Interview** #Review


Today I’m so excited, actually scrap that I’m ecstatic to be on the blog tour for Blood Lines by Angela Marsons, this is one book you don’t want to miss, especially if like me you are a crime thriller lover, this ones going to blow you away!

Not only am I eager to share my review for Blood Lines with you but I was also lucky enough to get the very talented and awesome Angela Marsons to answer some questions about Blood Lines, and so without further ado and a drum roll or two……


For those readers who haven’t yet heard of you or your book Blood lines can you provide us with an introduction?

I’m a crime writer from the Black Country in the West Midlands and am currently writing a crime series featuring a character called DI Kim Stone who is passionate, driven but not completely socially adjusted.

Where did the idea Blood Lines come from?

I like to give Kim a fresh kind of challenge in each book as I like to see how she deals with it. In Blood Lines I wanted her to have to try to solve a case where she could find no connection between the victims. In addition I wanted to see how she would deal with meeting her old foe Alexandra Thorne for a second round of psychological fisticuffs.

What was the hardest part of writing Bloodlines?

To be honest I absolutely loved every part of writing this book. Once I knew I was going to be bringing Alex back I just started writing the prologue and my pencil never paused for breath. I think this will be known as the book that I never really wanted to finish.

Do you have any strange writing habits or rituals?

Only that I still write with A4 notepads and pencils. For me, half the pleasure is hearing the lead of the pencil as it scratches its way across the page. It was the was Roald Dahl worked until he died and if it was good enough for him it’s good enough for me. I did once try to write straight on to the computer but after staring at a blank screen for a whole day I realised that my brain doesn’t connect with my hand unless it is scribbling furiously.

Have you always wanted to be an author, and when did you first realise you wanted to write?

Yes, I always wanted to be an author but where I came from people didn’t have such lofty aspirations. They learned to type. Which I did and am now very grateful that I did. I was probably twelve when my English teacher asked if she could bring me a couple of books in that were above my reading age. I read two Andrea Newman books which focussed on the complexity of human relationships and from that point I was hooked. I wanted to write these stories as well as read them.

How did you get signed up by publishers Bookouture?

After twenty years of trying to share my work I was signed to a top London agency in 2012. I worked closely with their editor Keshini Naidoo on Silent Scream and Evil Games. The agent and I parted ways when neither book managed to sell to any of the traditional publishers. It was a very painful time and I finally gave up on the dream to share my work. After all, if a top London agent couldn’t sell my books it was time to give up. A few months later Keshini Naidoo submitted Silent Scream to Bookouture as although she had left the agency she had never stopped thinking about the work we’d done together. Their response completely overwhelmed me. They felt as passionate about the stories as I did and gave me an opportunity to set Kim Stone free.

Do you write an outline before you start writing?

I start with a very vague idea of the beginning, middle and end and any of those parts are up for change as I go. I tend to start with an idea of a subject that I want Kim to investigate and then allow the story to grow around that. I scribble lots of notes as I go but I like to be surprised by the process as characters begin to take on a life of their own.

What has been the highlight of your writing career so far?

There have been so many highlights of the journey so far and Bookouture and I have experienced so many ‘firsts’ together but I think a particular highlight would have to be when Blood Lines reached #1 on Amazon on pre-orders alone. I felt completely humbled by the trust and faith from my awesome readers that they didn’t even want to wait to read reviews before putting in their order.

Are you able to tell me anything about your next Kim Stone book? and how many more will there be in the series?

I’m still working on book 6 but it is going to cover quite a deep subject. I am currently contracted to write a total of 16 Kim Stone books so it is a good job she has plenty to say.

Now for a really evil question if you could co-write a book with another Bookouture author, who would it be? And why?

I would like to co-write books with a few Bookouture authors but if I had to choose one it would be KL Slater. I have just read her psychological thriller Safe With Me and absolutely loved her exploration of a damaged psyche. As you know I love damaged characters so I think that could be very interesting.

During all the interviews you’ve done what question have you not been asked that you wish had been asked – and what’s the answer?

Q – Do you think it is an author’s job to preach or push certain subjects?

A – I don’t think author’s should preach because ultimately they are trying to entertain but I don’t think they should shy away from difficult or delicate subjects. It is good to raise issues for discussion providing it is done so sensitively and with respect.

A huge thank you to Angela Marsons for taking time out of her hectic schedule to answer my questions


Angela Marsons is the author of Amazon #1 Bestseller SILENT SCREAM.

Angela is the author of the Kim Stone Crime series. She discovered a love of writing at Primary School when a short piece on the rocks and the sea gained her the only merit point she ever got.

Angela wrote the stories that burned inside and then stored them safely in a desk drawer.
After much urging from her partner she began to enter short story competitions in Writer’s News resulting in a win and three short listed entries.

She used the Amazon KDP program to publish two of her earlier works before concentrating on her true passion – Crime.

Angela is now signed to write a total of 16 Kim Stone books for http://bookouture.com and has secured a print deal with Bonnier Zaffre Publishing.


Goodreads     Website     Facebook     Twitter: @WriteAngie

Book description 

How do you catch a killer who leaves no trace?

A victim killed with a single, precise stab to the heart appears at first glance to be a robbery gone wrong. A caring, upstanding social worker lost to a senseless act of violence. But for Detective Kim Stone, something doesn’t add up.

When a local drug addict is found murdered with an identical wound, Kim knows instinctively that she is dealing with the same killer. But with nothing to link the two victims except the cold, calculated nature of their death, this could be her most difficult case yet.

Desperate to catch the twisted individual, Kim’s focus on the case is threatened when she receives a chilling letter from Dr Alex Thorne, the sociopath who Kim put behind bars. And this time, Alex is determined to hit where it hurts most, bringing Kim face-to-face with the woman responsible for the death of Kim’s little brother – her own mother.

As the body count increases, Kim and her team unravel a web of dark secrets, bringing them closer to the killer. But one of their own could be in mortal danger. Only this time, Kim might not be strong enough to save them…


I thought Angela Marsons couldn’t top her last book in the Kim Stone series Play Dead, but boy was I wrong, Blood Lines is dark, utterly gripping, and brilliantly executed, although I couldn’t help but wonder how the author sleeps at night when she’s writing such disturbing books. If you haven’t read any of the Kim Stone series I would demand (OK suggest) you read them first, why? Because it’s just a fabulous series and one that shouldn’t be missed especially if you are a crime thriller lover. The author opens Blood Lines with a spine chilling prologue and once I started reading I would have sold my soul to the devil to read it in one go.

Detective Kim Stone is back, she is one of my all time favourite characters she’s complex, but due to horrifying events in her past she has a vulnerable side which is very much evident in Blood Lines. The reader learns more about Kim’s childhood, the events surrounding her childhood are brutal and heartbreaking, in fact I actually cried at one particular point and that’s because the author has written with such conviction it actually feels very real. As this series has progressed so has Kim’s character, I love her humour and banter with fellow work colleague Bryant and her cutting remarks, all add a touch of light relief to an darkly intense read.

When Kim arrives at a murder scene of a woman who has been stabbed she has no idea this could be her most complex case yet, add into the mix Dr Alex Thorne a manipulative sociopath who Kim had convicted for her past crimes and you know you are in for a hell of a ride. Unfortunately for Kim, Alex continues to taunt and play games with Kim from within the prison walls, games that will drive Kim to the brink.

Angela Marsons has created one of the most cold and calculated sociopaths aka Alex Thorne, she is one sick and twisted individual, but she is also a master of manipulation techniques which make her a very intriguing character. Alex considers Kim to have won the first battle, but now she is very much focused on winning the war, as Alex manipulates everyone around her in the most subtle of ways I couldn’t help becoming fascinated by her character, I found myself desperate to find out what Alex had planned next for Kim. She certainly made my blood run cold on numerous occasions, believe me when I say she’s one of those rare characters who will give you nightmares.

I’m not going to bang on about the plot as I would hate to spoil this read for others, but suffice to say this book has more twists and turns than the scariest roller coaster. With no let up in pace the author doesn’t give you time to catch your breath before she hits you with another shocking twist. I can honestly say Blood Lines kept me guessing right up to the last nail biting chapter, don’t you just love it when a book does that?

In my opinion Angela Marsons goes from strength to strength with this series and despite this being the fifth book they show no signs of getting tiresome or repetitive, this book is without doubt the darkest book in the series yet, and I for one will be waiting with baited breath to see what the hugely talented author comes up with next. Would I recommend this book? Hell yes I would recommend this book and the whole series to anyone and everyone.


I’m sure you’ve already guessed but………..I won’t be giving Blood Lines 5 stars NO SIREE, but I will be giving it the very prestigious GOLD STAR AWARD, I give this award to a book I feel covers every aspect of what I look for in a good read, fantastic plot, great characters and a storyline that drew me in from the first page and kept me in its grip until I reached the very last page.

Print Length: 348 pages

Publisher: Bookouture (4 Nov. 2016)

Amazon UK     Amazon US

If you haven’t read any of this fabulous series yet, I’ve include the books in order and the buying links, click on the title to take you to Amazon……..

Silent Scream             Evils Games               Lost Girls                  Play Dead


17 thoughts on “**Blog Tour** Blood Lines by Angela Marsons **Author Interview** #Review

  1. Diana

    Oh wow. I love the interview and the review. Angela’s story is inspirational and I am glad that she didn’t give up on getting published. Her interview has also given me another reason to love Bookouture who are my favorite publishers.I really enjoyed Play Dead but decided to get the first books in the series before reading the new one. I can’t wait to get to it soon though. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lollyrugs Post author

      Thanks Diane I absolutely love this series and Bookouture are one of my favourite publishers too, they just keep releasing books that I love and have some amazing and very talented authors x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jen Medlicott

    Brilliant review and interview. Knew it would be. You totally feel the same way as me about this book and series. Love it. And the prestigious gold star! I totally need to reinvent my grading system because there have been books I love and then books I LOVE.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Jen Medlicott

        I have faith because your reviews are fab. You’re an inspiration to us blogging newbies 🙂
        I know what you mean about the rating system. It’s so hard attributing a star rating to books as each has their own merits and I highly recommend a good number and can’t deny them a top rating but then I looove others but have run out of stars to award them. I don’t like to mark down to save the 5stars for only the super love books as it gives the wrong impression to people about the book I think. It’s a bit like the GSCEs with A, A* and A*+ lol. Makes no sense.

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      2. lollyrugs Post author

        Awww Jen what a lovely thing to say, but to be honest I still feel like a newbie as my blogs only just a year old. I must admit I struggle with the star rating so will continue to ponder what to do for a while.


  3. Keeper of Pages

    You needn’t have feared, great review and I loved the Q & A. When I’m writing my essays I have to hand write them first, I can’t just start typing straight away, omg me and Angela are practically the same lol I feel better know that! But seriously great choice of questions!

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  4. Shirley Groves

    Just finished Blood Lines. Another great Kim Stones book had to force myself to put it down and go to sleep. Can not wait for the next one. Angela is one of my favorite writers.

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  5. Christine

    A most enjoyable interview with Angela, BRC. I admire her and her work tremendously. I also just love your review, and agree wholeheartedly with your comments. Love the terrific Gold Star award, but would like to see you continue with regular stars (includng half stars to spread the scale a bit more) as well.



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