The Girl Before by JP Delaney #Sampler #MiniReview @Quercusbooks


Book description

Enter the world of One Folgate Street and discover perfection . . . but can you pay the price?

For all fans of The Girl on the Train and Gone Girl comes this spellbinding Hitchcockian thriller which takes psychological suspense to the next level.

Jane stumbles on the rental opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to live in a beautiful ultra-minimalist house designed by an enigmatic architect, on condition she abides by a long list of exacting rules. After moving in, she discovers that a previous tenant, Emma, met a mysterious death there – and starts to wonder if her own story will be a re-run of the girl before. As twist after twist catches the reader off guard, Emma’s past and Jane’s present become inexorably entwined in this tense, page-turning portrayal of psychological obsession.


Firstly I have to say when I see a book that comes with the tag line “For all fans of The Girl on the Train and Gone Girl” I want to scream, nearly every psychological novel I pick up these days uses it, when will publishers come up with something more original? Oh and the bad book blogger that I am, I haven’t read either of the books and nor do I intend to anytime soon! Ok that’s my rant over! On with the review…..

Now normally when I am offered the chance to read a sampler for a book prior to publication it’s normally a “no from me” but as The Girl Before keeps popping up all over social media I just thought I would take a quick look, big mistake! I could kick myself so absorbing was the sampler, I’m now desperate to read the whole book, in fact I would go as far as to say “I would sell my soul to the devil to get my hands on a copy”

The story is told by two narrators Jane who moves into the perfect house, or is it? There are so many rules and regulations some of which are bizarre to say the least, and then other chapters are told from Emma’s POV whose mysterious death, becomes central to the plot. As the past and present become entwined you really can’t help wondering where the plot is heading.  One Folgate Street is not a place I would choose to live in that’s for sure, but oh my what an intriguing and darkly disturbing place it is.

The Girl Before has certainly piqued my interest, from the opening chapter I was immediately drawn in. Full of intrigue and suspense, the sense of malice was overwhelming from the opening chapter. As I read more I became uneasy HERE was a book that I desperately wanted to read more of and I would have read the whole book in one sitting, if it had not been a damn sample! And to top it all the sample ends on the mother of all cliffhanger’s.

So now I’m left feeling very frustrated I NEED to read the WHOLE book, but what I can tell you is The Girl Before is going to be a huge hit in 2017, it has all the elements I love in a psychological thriller mystery, suspense and bucketfuls of intrigue. As for me I’m off to sulk in a corner until I can read the COMPLETE book!

Hardcover: 448 pages

Publisher: Quercus (26 Jan. 2017)

Amazon UK


10 thoughts on “The Girl Before by JP Delaney #Sampler #MiniReview @Quercusbooks

  1. cleopatralovesbooks

    I always say no to samples as there is nothing more frustrating than wanting to finish the book – good to know that from what you read this one is worth looking out for after it is published though – thanks for managing the frustration for the rest of us 😉

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  2. Renee

    Your mini review is bound to sell a bunch of books when it’s released Lorraine! that’s quite an endorsement. You had me laughing that you’re off to sulk in the corner. I feel the same way about wanting desperately to read Behind Her Eyes! I have this one from Netgalley and I think I better get to it:)


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