**Christmas With Bookouture** Kim Nash @bookouture @Kimthebookworm


Ho, Ho,Ho 🎅🏻 I am thrilled to bits to have the lovely and fabulous Kim Nash stop by the book review café and answer my Christmassy questions. Just in case you don’t know Kim (where the hell have you been?) is the publicity Manager at Bookouture, I’m not sure how Kim finds the time but she’s also a book blogger at http://www.kimthebookworm.co.uk.

Well we’re getting closer to Christmas and I personally can’t wait this will be my first ever Christmas that I haven’t had to work in the last 20 odd years! And I’m going to make sure I enjoy every minute of it with my wonderful family. I know you think I’m probably rambling again! But when you read Kim’s post it makes you think (after I stopped crying, so be warned) how we should treasure every moment with our loved ones.

What is your favourite Christmas memory?

Christmas for me is a family time. I’ve come from a family who always spend Christmas together. When I was a child, I probably didn’t appreciate as much as I should have done, how important it is to enjoy family while they’re around as they’re not around for ever. My Mom and Dad got married on Boxing Day and so we always used to have a big party for them and 11 years ago I held their 50th Wedding Anniversary party at my house when we had around 70 people come to celebrate with us. God knows how they all fitted in my house! We never knew at the time that it would be our last big family get together as Mom lost her battle with cancer a few months later. Christmas for me is about making fabulous memories now for Ollie and enjoying every minute.

Another fabulous memory for me was taking Ollie to a nearby Reindeer Lodge where we got to have a sleigh ride and feed reindeer too! As he still “believes” I try to make the most of it!


                                 Kim and her wonderful family

Where will you be spending Christmas?

This year, we shall be spending Christmas at my sister’s house. I’m really close to my sister and her husband and my nephew and their two bonkers Collie dogs Dexter and Meg. We are going out for a curry on Christmas Eve (after we’ve put out the reindeer food on the lawn so they know where to come!) and I shall wake up there on Christmas morning while Ollie sleeps over at his dads house and I will look forward so much to the doorbell ringing when he comes to spend the rest of Christmas with us at their house. My sister is the most amazing cook and I’m looking forward very much to my yummy Christmas dinner!

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

We always used to see my Godmother on Christmas Eve and my parents always allowed me and my sister to open our present from her. So, I always allow Ollie to open a present on Christmas Eve. We always have a toast to absent friends and certainly one to our parents at the dinner table.


                                   A very Christmassy Ollie 

What was your best ever Christmas present?

I’m always really lucky and have fabulous Christmas presents but my best Christmas present was probably the first Christmas I spent with Ollie which was 9 years ago. We had to wake him up though because we sat waiting downstairs for ages for him to wake up! And he didn’t know much about it as he was only a couple of months old, but it was my first Christmas as a mom myself so it was probably one of the best.

What was your worst ever Christmas present?

I don’t think I’ve ever had anything that I’ve not liked to be honest! What a boring answer!

Favourite Christmas tipple?

Well, it appears that I am quite renowned for being a G&T swilling old lush (I get that from my mom and she’s not here to cuff me round the ear for saying it), so this year I’ve bought us a bottle of rhubarb and ginger gin to try! We always start the day with a bacon sandwich and Bucks Fizz! Then we upgrade to a bottle of Champagne a little later! And I do like a port and brandy with cheese and biscuits! That’s probably why we all end up having a snooze after dinner!


What are you hoping for this Christmas?

I think we live in a society where if we want something, we go out and buy it! So there’s nothing that I really want! As long as I can get to spend Christmas with my family I’m as happy as can be!

img_1007                                 Kim and Ollie on a sleigh ride

Have you got a Christmas message you would like to share with readers and bloggers?

Just a great big THANK YOU really! Readers and bloggers never cease to amaze me with their generosity of their time, their reviews, their comments and their constant sharing of what Bookouture are doing. We are so lucky to be able to share our books with wonderful people and truly appreciate everything that bloggers and readers do for us. This year has been quite a year and we have TONS more exciting stuff going on next year too!

I hope that Christmas and the New Year is everything that you wish for and you all have an amazing time.

My thanks to Kim for taking the time to answer my christmassy questions and also for allowing me to share some of her personal photographs, and a big hug to the gorgeous Ollie 😘😘

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