The Marriage Lie by Kimberley Belle #Review


Book description

When a plane crashes, Iris Griffiths watches the news unfold with horror…and then relief. Her beloved husband Will had just flown out from the same airport, but he was on a different flight. So why is his name on the list of victims?

Surely there’s some mistake – her husband would never lie to her. Would he?

But wading deeper into the truth of her husband’s deception, Iris begins to think the unthinkable. Maybe she’s glad that he’s dead…

An exploration of betrayal complex lies and dark secrets of a marriage

img_0925I’m not sure if it’s just me or I just need a break from this genre but I’m finding there are lots of novel that seem to have the same formula, a happily married couple living the perfect life, and low and behold it soon becomes apparent one of them has built their marriage on lies and deceit. Some of the novels I have read following this well used theme have been exceptionally good others mediocre, The marriage Lie By Kimberley Belle sits somewhere in the middle. Iris thinks she has the perfect husband, they share everything or so she believes, but all that changes when Iris’s husband is believed to be one of the victims of plane crash, a plane he wasn’t meant to be on. What follows is Iris’s quest to find out the truth about the husband she never really knew.

I must admit I did have trouble forming a connection with the characters, Iris doesn’t come across as the most likeable character, in fact I found myself becoming very irritated with her, she spent much of the book crying, being angry or feeling sick, yes I know the poor woman was grieving but even so there are only so many times you can read about a persons emotions before it becomes a tad irritating. I know it’s possible to enjoy a novel and not like the characters, but for me I need to have some sort of connection even if it’s only wanting to see someone get their comeuppance. So although the plot was suspenseful and intriguing at times my indifference to the characters spoilt my enjoyment of this novel.

The plot of The Marriage Lie did intrigue me as you can’t help wondering why Will based his marriage on so many lies, the author gradually reveals Will’s reasons and there not pretty. For me the pace wasn’t as fast paced as I normally like, but it does have suspense and intrigue. There weren’t any big shocks in this novel, I think I was expecting something “mind blowing” to happen, but unfortunately it never materialised. In the authors defence I do think there are going to be a large number of readers who will love this book, but for me personally I wanted something more, better character development or a twist I didn’t see coming to make this an outstanding read.

Although an enjoyable read and one I read quickly The Marriage Lie lacked the “thrilling” element I relish when reading a book of this genre. There are lots of five star reviews for this book so it’s definitely one you may prefer to check out for yourself, and in the authors defence if I hadn’t read so many books that involved lies, marriage and secrets I may have felt differently and enjoyed The Marriage Lie much more than I did.

3.5 out of 5

Paperback: 384 pages

Publisher: HQ (29 Dec. 2016)

Amazon UK 🇬🇧       Amazon US 🇺🇸

13 thoughts on “The Marriage Lie by Kimberley Belle #Review

  1. Keeper of Pages

    Omg I was saying the exact same thing the other day, I think I need a break from all these psychological thrillers too as recently two have missed the mark for me that seem to be getting rave reviews 😔 I’m reading a crime thriller and a horror at the moment and it seems to be working as I’m really enjoying both. Definitely mix it up 😊

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  2. emmathelittlebookworm

    I was just saying the other day that I feel a little bit ‘immune’ to the crime/psychological thrillers I typically read sometimes, I think that when you read so many brilliant books, those that would normally get a 4star drop down in the rankings, that’s why I’ve started reading palette cleansers in occasionally now, comedies and romcom’s, kinda gets your brain back on form ready for a new crime fest!

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  3. Renee

    Very good, honest review Lorraine! I feel that just about every psychological thriller I’ve read these last few months has missed the mark for me. I’m just not enjoying this genre right now so I’ve decided to not take an indefinite break from it. Hope your next read is fantastic!

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  4. Donna

    Great review! I totally understand what you mean. It does seem like many stories follow the same pattern, with more or less success. I find it difficult to find originality these days, this is why I have decided to mix my reads a lot, despite my preference for psychological thrillers. By reading less of them, I give stories a better chance 🙂 I do love the guilty-husband trope so I’m intrigued by this book.

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  5. Books, Vertigo and Tea

    First of all, your review is great! I found myself thinking of what happens when I have failed to “branch out” enough. I tend to wrap myself in a genre for months and then realize maybe I am being unfair to the books I am losing interest in because I am burning out. Not sure how much sense that makes haha..

    I try hard now to bounce around and it does help. Although I have seen mixed reviews for this one (unless there is another similarly titled book I am thinking of). At least you managed to find some entertainment within and it was not a total loss ❤

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