**The book review café is taking a break**


After much thought and consideration I’ve decided to take some time away from blogging and social media. I may be gone a week or two I’m not sure yet.  I’ve really struggled this week, don’t worry I’m not going to bore you with the details but after my huge “cock up” with my #TopFiveThursday post, (apologises once again to Steph over at https://stephbookblog.wordpress.com/), I think I need a break from blogging, but I will repost the correct version of Steph’s post on my return.

Never fear I will be back but I’m going to concentrate on reading and catching up on a back log of books, once again I seem to be spending all my time on social media, writing posts and hardly seem to get anytime to read. This sounds like an oh woe me post! But it’s really not!

So farewell for now and don’t miss me to much 😂😂😂 and if you catch me on social media please feel free to tell me off!

Lorraine x x


40 thoughts on “**The book review café is taking a break**

  1. crimebookjunkie40

    We’ll miss you, gorgeous – but totally understand! Although I have technically been on a break since July…ahem….it still hasn’t kicked in- so I may follow suit soon too! Enjoy the break and look forward to catching up with you on your return! 😘

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  2. BiblioManiac

    Have a great break and enjoy reading some good books! Honestly I’ve made some mistakes too with the wrong book title – we’ve all been there so try not to let it bother you . I love your blog and am so grateful for your support with mine so take care & see you soon!

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  3. lindasbookbag

    Have a well earned break and come back refreshed and loving blogging again. Enjoy yeour reading. As for cock-ups – this is the woman who posted Stephanie Butland’s top secret cover reveal a week early! xx

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  4. Jen Lucas

    Take care of yourself and enjoy the break. And as everyone has said, don’t fret. We’re all only human so mistakes happen. You’ve had a lot on. Make some time for yourself so you enjoy what you’re doing again. See you soon

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  5. noveldeelights

    Nooooooooooooooo! Who am I going to make fun of if you’re not around?! 😜

    I’ll miss you but I totally understand! However, I hope you know I fully expect you to come back and say you’ve read at least 15 books. 😂

    Enjoy your break! See you on the other side, sweets! ❤️😘

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  6. brmaycock

    Take care Lorraine and by the by, when you pitt any mistakes you may have made against the stupendous, amazing work you do, it’s the most infinitely negligible thing in the world-I am so in awe of everything you do and hope to have a blog that even partially compares someday. Try to enjoy the break

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  7. ireadnovels

    The truth is we have all been there made mistakes on our blogs . So the good news is your not the only one and your not on your own. Your not the first to make a mistake and you won’t be the last. Will miss you. Keep smiling, enjoy your break. Looking forward to your return. xx



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