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Book description

The sun is out. Your little boy is smiling. The next time you look… he’s gone.

When Lana and Todd win a trip to Blue Crest Adventure Park, their four-year-old Cooper is ecstatic, but when Lana goes to meet them, Todd is out cold, and Cooper is missing.

No one stopped the man carrying the sleeping boy. The cameras don’t show where he went. Then Lana receives an anonymous message, telling her to visit a local school with a horrifying history…

This is no random attack. Whoever took Cooper is playing a twisted game, and if Lana wants to find him, she must participate.

What is the link between the school and her missing son? Can Lana uncover the kidnapper’s identity and save Cooper before it’s too late?


OMG! Richard Parker certainly knows how to grab the reader’s attention, with a “heart thumping” opening chapter I found myself well and truly hooked. Imagine one minute your child’s having the time of their life and the next minute their gone, taken by a stranger, it’s got to be every parents biggest nightmare, the author expertly builds on this fear making Hide And Seek a highly unnerving read.

Lana is very protective of her son Cooper and rightly so, when Cooper is snatched and her husband Todd’s left unconscious Lana’s worse nightmares become reality. As if this wasn’t enough to capture the reader’s attention Lana receives messages telling her to visit a school which was once a murder site and so begins a twisted game, what follows is a tense and riveting read. As I started each chapter I found myself becoming more apprehensive as the author reveals more details of why Cooper was taken.

The author never gives too much away in Hide And Seek, almost up until the final thrilling chapter your waiting for the big reveal. I love it when an author does this as I find myself constantly trying to second guess where the plot is leading, and I’m even more impressed when I get it WRONG or I have “I never seen that coming” moment which happened a few times whilst reading this book so well done to the author.

If you read Richard Parkers previous book Follow You I’m sure you will be expecting some gruesome scenes, but Hide Is Seek is very different to his previous book this one very much builds on the fear of loosing a child and the threat from an unknown person, personally I enjoyed this book more, it’s well written with an intriguing plot that’s guaranteed to keep the heart racing. Told in short thrilling chapters, each one leaves you wanting to read “just one more”. Would I recommend this book? It’s definitely a big loud “yes” from me.

Print Length: 393 pages

Publisher: Bookouture (31 Aug. 2017)

Buying links:      Amazon UK 🇬🇧           Amazon US 🇺🇸




18 thoughts on “Hide And Seek by Richard Parker #BookReview @Bookwalter @Bookouture 

  1. Vicki_cosybooks

    That cover brings back horrific memories of me running away from my child screaming “drop the Lolly” during a wasp ambush #waspphobic 😂Fab review Jen, I like the sound of this one … it’s on the wishlist!

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