**Sunday catch up** with the book review café


I haven’t done a catch up post for a few weeks so thought I should do one before I take a weeks holiday from my blog. Yes the book review Café is going AWOL and looking forward to a hard earned rest.

Over the last few weeks I’ve managed to read a few books, unfortunately no where near as many as I would have liked. I have been so tired the last few weeks that not only have I struggled to read but I haven’t scheduled that many reviews on my blog, so hopefully a week off will help.

Books I’ve read


ARC’s I’ve received

I have been really good and kept away from NetGalley the last few weeks, I’m determined to read some of my TBR pile this month including some of the ten or so books sat on my NetGalley shelf.

P.S I wrote this post and then had to go on NetGalley as there was no way I could let Angela Marsons latest book pass me by 🙈



My top posts this week

International #Giveaway with Robert Bryndza @RobertBryndza | The Book Review Café

He Said She Said by Erin Kelly #BookReview | The Book Review Café https://thebookreviewcafe.com/2017/05/22/he-said-she-said-by-erin-kelly-bookreview/?wref=tp

The Caller by Chris Carter #Book Review | The Book Review Café https://thebookreviewcafe.com/2017/02/27/the-caller-by-chris-carter-book-review/?wref=tp

and believe it or not a very interesting read NOT!

My Review Policy | The Book Review Café https://thebookreviewcafe.com/my-review-policy/?wref=tp

News from the book review café

My biggest news has to be my Robert Bryndza giveaway to celebrate my second Blogiversary when I posted this giveaway I knew it would be a popular one, but OMG the interest in this prize has blown me away at the last count it had 2,400 entries which is amazing and tomorrow I will announce the Lucky winner.

I must say a huge thank you to my favourite author on the planet (just in case you didn’t know this already😂😂) Robert Bryndza for his generosity in giving me such a fabulous giveaway to keep (only joking) giveaway I was absolutely gob smacked and still am by his kind words and very awesome and generous prize, and here’s the photo Rob sent me so I thought I would share it with you AGAIN and Sarah aka https://bytheletterbookreviews.wordpress.com/  I know you won’t  mind seeing it again 😂😂😂


I mentioned I was starting a new weekly feature a few weeks back and I’m really excited about it. Although not original it’s something that’s intrigued me for a while now, and I’ve already got some fabulous authors taking  part including some household names so here’s a sneak preview…..


This feature will be starting after my weeks holiday and I hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I did when the authors sent them to me.

I’m also starting another feature  but on a “as and when basis” after realising I had a huge number of true crime books on my shelf and here’s a sneak preview……


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