Sunday catch up with the book review cafe


Yes I’m celebrating I haven’t done a catch up post for a while but I’ve managed to read a decent number of books since my last post. Ok I don’t read as many books as some bloggers I admit but hey ho and all that! I’m not going to feel guilty about it. So here’s the books I’ve read over the last few weeks…….



Books I’ve bought


My top posts

I’ve come to the conclusion I don’t have to feature reviews on my blog anymore as  the most views I’ve ever had were for a post about idea gifts for bookworms, my Robert Bryndza giveaway and A Day With Author Robert Bryndza which he wrote! so I might as well retire😂😂 just in case you’ve missed these posts I’ve included the links 

Perfect gift ideas for a #Bookworm

ARC’s I’ve received


Next week on my blog

I’m hardly doing any blog tours these days I decided to cut right back on them as I find them to stressful I prefer to read a book “as and when I feel like it” rather than having to read a book by a certain date, but next week it’s all about the blog tours

Beneath The Skin by Caroline England #Guestpost

The book review café book of the month for October

The Good Samaritan by John Marrs #Review

Murder Games by Caroline Mitchell #Review

News from the book review cafe

I was thrilled to receive an email from one of my favourite authors Caroline Mitchell to say she has made me a character in her new psychological thriller Silent Victim. So as you can imagine I had to read the book straight away and I love my character,  and that’s all I’m saying 🤐🤐 but I would highly recommend you pre-order Silent Victim not because I’m in it but because it’s a brilliant read and very, very twisted, I’ve included the link in case you want to order/read more about the book.


Hope you’ve enjoyed my latest catch up and for now ………




17 thoughts on “Sunday catch up with the book review cafe

  1. mrsbloggsbooks

    Interesting to read about your most popular posts Lorraine 😂 I did enjoy the gift idea one though!
    Mine was when I made a fake award and asked bloggers to help themselves to one, because I was fed up with fake awards doing the rounds – plus no-one nominated me for one 😂

    Liked by 1 person


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