Sunday catch up with the book review café


I thought it was time I did a Sunday catch up post, as I haven’t done one for a couple of weeks. Life continues to get in the way of me reading as many books as I would like, but never the less I’ve still managed to get a few books read from my humongous TBR pile, although I’m not sure I will ever clear the pile, if anything it just gets bigger, please tell me this is a book blogger problem and not just me😂😂

Books I’ve read



Books I’ve bought

I have been trying to be really good and not buy any books, but then the wonderful and long suffering Mr book review café gave me an Amazon voucher as a surprise, well it would be just so rude not to use it so I did buy a couple of books



I have been really good and haven’t requested hardly any books via NetGalley, but I have noticed since I’ve started using the UK site most of the books I would like to review are now all “wish for” books, so for now it means my NetGalley shelf is nearly empty (for the first time in two years I should mention).



Most viewed posts this week

My interview with B A Paris continues to be one of my most viewed posts, in fact it continues to get views every week, even though it was first published way back in 2016, and I can never work out why.

My next reads


That’s all for this week folks,  I’m full of cold and feeling sorry for myself. That’s another reason I hate this time of year I always end up getting a stinking cold….roll on the summer


22 thoughts on “Sunday catch up with the book review café

  1. lovinlarge51

    I hope you get to feeling better. This up and down weather tends to make one suffer with the icky bleakies. Cuddle up with a cup of tea and honey, a blankie, and one of the books for this week and all will feel better.

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  2. noveldeelights

    I assume the BA Paris thing is because of the buzz going around about her new book and people might be googling and finding your post that way.

    I’ve noticed that Netgalley thing as well, although I still mostly use the .com version. But when you’re declined for a book on one site, you can actually wish for it on the other. Seems a tad weird. I’ve not noticed many other differences (yet) other than that, except Bonnier moved all its books over to the UK site.

    Great book selection! I’m so looking forward to The Confession. It sounds brilliant!

    Have a great week, Lorraine! 😘

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    1. lollyrugs Post author

      Hadn’t thought of that Eva I guess that could be the case. I haven’t got on the com NetGalley since they’ve changed it will have to take a look. As for The Confession I had high hopes for this book personally I think it’s one that’s been over hyped 😱I thought it was good but not brilliant

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  3. Meggy | Chocolate'n'Waffles

    I’ve been a good girl and only bought two ebooks this week! Compared to last week’s … let’s say” small haul”, it’s a big improvement, haha! I’m also avoiding NG at all costs but it’s not working with Bookouture. I want more time to visit blogs!!! I’ve missed some of your posts 😦 xx

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