The Perfect Victim by Corrie Jackson #Review @CorrieJacko @BonnierZaffre


Book description

Charlie and Emily Swift are the Instagram-perfect couple: gorgeous, successful and in love. But then Charlie is named as the prime suspect in a gruesome murder and Emily’s world falls apart.

Desperate for answers, she turns to Charlie’s troubled best friend, London Herald journalist, Sophie Kent. Sophie knows police have the wrong man – she trusts Charlie with her life.
Then Charlie flees.

Sophie puts her reputation on the line to clear his name. But as she’s drawn deeper into Charlie and Emily’s unravelling marriage, she realises that there is nothing perfect about the Swifts.

As she begins to question Charlie’s innocence, something happens that blows the investigation – and their friendship – apart


I haven’t read a book by Corrie Jackson before, but when this one came through my letter box I thought I would just take a quick peek at the first chapter, BIG mistake once I read the “OMG” shocking first chapter I just kept reading! This is the second book in the Sophie Kent series, which I didn’t realise, as I do love to start a new series at the beginning, fortunately The Perfect Victim can be read as a standalone.

I found The Perfect Victim to be a crime novel with a huge difference, its told from the point of view of Sophie Kent a journalist working for the London Herald. For someone who reads a huge amount of crime thrillers it made a refreshing change to read a crime thriller where the police investigation wasn’t paramount to the plot. Sophie is like a breath of air, and a highly likeable character, yes she has her flaws and demons that keep her awake at night, but she’s spunky and determined, qualities you just have to admire.

The Perfect Victim opens with a shocker of a chapter, and that’s what hooked me, I just love it when an author does that. Just imagine how you would feel if one of your friends was the prime suspect in a murder investigation and then you found out they were hiding some rather dark and disturbing secrets, this is exactly what happens to Sophie, convinced Charlie is innocent and sets out to prove it, even putting her reputation at risk. As to Charlie and Emily Swift the Instagram-perfect couple, I’m not sure what to say about the pair without revealing spoilers, but the words dysfunctional and twisted spring to mind, and yet they were such fabulous depicted characters I found myself fascinated by the pair and their relationship.

Corrie Jackson has done a fantastic job with this book, she constantly adds new pieces to puzzle, even when I reached the last quarter of The Perfect Victim I found I had more questions than answers. Deviously plotted the author heightens the suspense by casting doubt on the main characters throughout. As for the last quarter of the book I’m sure my heart was pounding as the author delivered more than a few shocking surprises. It’s a long time since I’ve read a book where I’ve been kept in such suspense and I didn’t get even close to working out how this book was going to end. I found The Perfect Victim to be an addictive and absorbing crime read, and one I would highly recommend.


Buying links: Amazon UK 🇬🇧Amazon US 🇺🇸

Paperback: 448 pages

Publisher: Zaffre (16 Nov. 2017)

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