A day with author…. David Videcette @DavidVidecette


Today I’m thrilled to welcome the “James Bond” of authors to my blog David Videcette. The author worked as a Scotland Yard investigator, and has worked on a wealth of infamous cases. He’s chased down numerous dangerous criminals, searched hundreds of properties, placed bugs on scores of vehicles, and interviewed thousands of witnesses.

David is the author of the DI Jake Flannagan thriller series based on real events: ‘I can’t tell you the truth, but I can tell you a story…’™ How much is fact and how much is fiction, only YOU can decide….

I hope you enjoy reading David Videcette’s post as much as I did.


5 .30am/6.30am: On a good night, when there are no nightmares, I will sleep like a log. The vibrations from my Apple watch will wake me up. Then I’ll catch up on the news and overnight emails that might have come in from the US or Australia. These might be from readers asking when the next book is out or enquiries about film and translation rights. I’m straight on my phone with a rolling news channel playing in the background. It’s really important for me to know exactly what’s happening in the world, both for my security consultancy work in London and for my writing and media commentating.


7.00am: As well as being a writer, I’m a father to two girls, both of whom think that I run a taxi business for them, so some days are spent helping with the school run.


9.00am: Besides my writing, I work as a security consultant in the personal protection industry which takes up a lot of my time. I keep VIPs and high net-worth-individuals safe. Mornings will be spent in central London meeting about the work ahead and completing anything left over from the day before.


Lunchtime: I do a lot of work with the media, across TV, radio and newspapers commentating on terrorism, policing and crime. This often involves me travelling to TV studios or writing opinion pieces for the press. Sometimes I’ll meet with a journalist from the national papers for lunch. I love to try out new foods. Right now I’m into sushi and Lebanese.

The writing process: My books are based on real events and I use my detective experience having spent twenty years in the police as a Scotland Yard investigator. In essence, my books are as close to crime fact as crime fiction ever gets. To back up that claim, I have to do an incredible amount of reading, research and review of cold cases before I can put pen to paper.


Daytimes are often spent snatching reading opportunities where I can; visiting places that I’m writing about; or tracking down and interviewing people. You might find me hunting down sealed or archived documents – or visiting my publishing lawyer to get legal advice on which secrets I can and cannot share…


My writing space: The romantic idea that authors sit by lakes, writing on beautiful decks in the sun, typing their hearts out on a typewriter couldn’t be further from the truth for me. I do have a clear desk and a room set aside, but I’m rarely there! My writing space can be anything from an iPad in the back of a vehicle, to dictation in the BBC’s green room, or a snatched paragraph written out on location in a greasy spoon café. It’s not ideal, but that’s the reality of my writing world.


8pm/9pm: If it’s not my turn to help out with some ferrying to and from after-school activities – I’ll get home late. We sadly lost two guinea pigs recently, so the remaining one is very lonely and now gets spoiled rotten. My daughter brings it inside a lot and it sits watching television with us. Sometimes it even eats its dinner with us!


Over the summer I’ve been working on a very famous, unsolved, real-life cold case that is very close to my heart. There are plans in development with a documentary production company, and for a possible non-fiction book.


10pm: I’ll have an online chat with my editor about the latest DI Jake Flannagan storyline and how it’s going. She will have read what I’ve written the day before and comes back to me with questions about the structure, plot and characters.


Midnight: I find that my best writing is mostly done at night, after dark, when the world becomes a bit quieter, and the pace of London is a little less frenetic. This is often when things will click into place and I’ll feel at my most productive, writing-wise. And then, it’s time to do it all over again…


About the author

David Videcette is a former Scotland Yard detective and an expert in organised crime and terrorism.
He is the author of two hit thrillers based on real events – The Theseus Paradox   and The Detriment
He can’t tell you the truth, but he can tell you a story…
Follow David on Twitter   or Facebook or Instagram

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My thanks to David Videcette for taking time out to write this awesome post for the book review café.

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