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Today I’m thrilled to be one of the stops on the Deep Blue Trouble by Steph Broadribb blog tour.  Deep Blue Trouble is Book two in the acclaimed Lori Anderson series. Unfortunately  due to the state of my TBR pile I haven’t had the time to read this book YET, but it’s one I’m desperate to get to. Deep Blue Trouble is published by Orenda Books and is available to buy right now.

Before you read the author’s guest post here’s the book description


Single-mother Florida bounty hunter Lori Anderson’s got an ocean of trouble on her hands. Her daughter Dakota is safe, but her cancer is threatening a comeback, and Lori needs JT – Dakota’s daddy and the man who taught Lori everything – alive and kicking. Problem is, he’s behind bars, and heading for death row.

Desperate to save him, Lori does a deal, taking on off-the-books job from shady FBI agent Alex Monroe. Bring back on-the-run felon, Gibson ‘The Fish’ Fletcher, and JT walks free. Following Fletcher from Florida to California, Lori teams up with local bounty hunter Dez McGregor and his team. But Dez works very differently to Lori, and the tension between them threatens to put the whole job in danger.

With Monroe pressuring Lori for results, the clock ticking on JT’s life, and nothing about the Fletcher case adding up, Lori’s hitting walls at every turn. But this is one job she’s got to get right, or she’ll lose everything… Breathlessly paced, and bursting with high-voltage action and edge-of-your-seat jeopardy, Deep Blue Trouble is the unmissable next instalment featuring one of the most memorable and fearless female characters in crime fiction.

Sounds brilliant right? Links to purchase Deep Blue Trouble can be found here…..

Buying links:  Amazon UK 🇬🇧         Amazon US 🇺🇸

and now for Steph Broadribb’s guest post which is guaranteed to make your tastebuds water……


A Taste of Lori’s World: 3 ways to recreate the flavours of Deep Blue Trouble

What with this stop on the blog tour being hosted by the fabulous Book Review Café I thought you might like a little glimpse at how you can recreate the flavours of Deep Blue Trouble

Sweet Iced Tea

It’s cold and damp here in the UK at the moment, but the action in Deep Blue Trouble takes place in the heat and humidity of a Florida high summer. Lori’s a big fan of iced sweet tea the southern way when the temperatures start to rise…

“Monroe slid onto the bench beside me and held out an iced tea. It felt like a peace offering of sorts, showing he was taking my concerns about being followed more seriously, now that it was too damn late.”
To make two quarts you’ll need:

Six regular tea bags
One eighth of a teaspoon of baking soda
Two cups of boiling water
Two cups of sugar (Lori likes it real sweet)
Six cups of cold water

Once you’ve got your ingredients to hand: In a glass bowl place the tea bags and add the baking soda. Pour on the boiling water, cover the bowl and allow to brew for fifteen minutes. Then remove the tea bags (don’t squeeze them!) and pour the mixture into a two-quart pitcher. Add the sugar and stir until all the sugar has dissolved, then add the cold water. Allow the mixture to cool in the fridge for thirty minutes then serve over ice.


Shrimp Gumbo

When she’s on a job Lori often struggles to find time to eat. In Deep Blue Trouble she’s lucky that her thoughtful friend Red – a retired PI who lives on a houseboat in the Deep Blue Marina – makes her lunch one day…

“Red was up and had lunch waiting when I rolled in. We ate outside, balancing plates of shrimp gumbo on our knees, cold beers sitting by our feet on the scrubbed-clean deck.”

Two pounds of shrimp, peeled
Two cups of boiled rice
Six cups of chicken broth
Two cans of diced tomatoes
Half a cup of vegetable oil
Half a cup of plain flour
A large onion, chopped
One cup of celery, chopped
One red pepper, chopped
One green pepper, chopped
One teaspoon of Cajun spices
Two bay leaves
Handful of parsley, chopped
Pinch of salt
Grind of pepper

First, put the chicken broth and tomatoes in a large stockpot and put on a medium heat and bring it to a simmer. Meanwhile, take a skillet or frying pan, add the oil and flour and put on a high heat. Whisk the mixture continuously until it’s medium – dark brown, and be sure not to let it burn. To the skillet add the onion, celery and peppers. Keep stirring. Once the vegetables are softened, mix the contents of the skillet into the simmering broth and tomatoes in the stockpot. Add the Cajun spices and the bay leaves, reduce to a low heat, and cover to cook for an hour. Then add the shrimp and cook for a further fifteen minutes. Add salt and pepper. You can then serve the gumbo over hot long-grain white rice or, like Red, you can add the boiled rice to the stockpot in the last few minutes of cooking and serve it ‘all in’ with a sprinkle of fresh parsley on the top.


Old Fashioned

And lastly, Lori likes to unwind with a drink. Her favourite bourbon cocktail is an Old Fashioned…

“I sipped my drink – an old fashioned made the proper way, with a slice of orange and a cherry – and surveyed the rest of the clientele. My drink was a good match for the setting. This was a traditional bar – dark wood, polished counter, low lighting – not a brightly lit tourist place.”

1.5 oz of bourbon or rye whiskey
Two dashes of Angostura bitters
One sugar cube
Ice cubes
An orange
A cocktail cherry

Once you’ve got them together, mix the drink by putting the sugar cube in the bottom of a heavy bottomed glass with the dashes of Angostura Bitters and a splash of water. Stir until the sugar has completely dissolved then add the ice and the whiskey and give it a good stir. For the final flourish, add a wedge of orange and a cocktail cherry.


Maybe one of these (or more) has taken your fancy. Hope you enjoy!

My thanks to Steph Broadribb for this delicious guest post, Karen Sullivan of Orenda Books and Anne Cater for giving me the opportunity to be part of this awesome blog tour. 

About the author


Steph Broadribb was born in Birmingham and grew up in Buckinghamshire. Most of her working life has been spent between the UK and USA. As her alter ego Crime Thriller Girl – she indulges her love of all things crime fiction by blogging at www.crimethrillergirl.com, where she interviews authors and reviews the latest releases. Steph is an alumni of the MA in Creative Writing (Crime Fiction) at City University London, and she trained as a bounty hunter in California. She lives in Buckinghamshire surrounded by horses, cows and chickens. Her debut thriller, Deep Down Dead, was shortlisted for the Dead Good Reader Awards in two categories, and hit number one on the UK and AU kindle charts.

Follow the rest of the blog tour…….


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