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**Blog Tour** The Woman In The Wood by Lesley Pearse @LesleyPearse #LoveLesley #BookReview


Today I’m thrilled to be on the blog tour for Global bestseller Lesley Pearse. The author is celebrating the release of her 25th novel, The Woman in the Wood with a 25 blog tour, revealing a different fact ever every day about Lesley and each of her 25 bestsellers each day. You can follow the tour with the hash tag #LoveLesley. 

Todays fact is about Camellia the authors 5th book


Fact: Camellia has some scenes in it which were real events in my life. I’m not going to say which.


Book description

Maisy and Duncan have always had each other. Until the day they didn’t

One night in 1960, fifteen-year-old twins Maisy and Duncan Mitcham awake to find their father pulling their screaming mother from the house. She is to be committed to an insane asylum. It is, so their father insists, for her own good.

It’s not long before they, too, are removed from their London home and sent to Nightingales – a large house deep in the New Forest countryside – to be watched over by their cold-hearted grandmother, Mrs Mitcham. Though they feel abandoned and unloved, at least here they have something they never had before – freedom.

The twins are left to their own devices, to explore, find new friends and first romances. That is until the day that Duncan doesn’t come back for dinner. Nor does he return the next day. Or the one after that.

When the bodies of other young boys are discovered in the surrounding area the police appear to give up hope of finding Duncan alive. With Mrs Mitcham showing little interest in her grandson’s disappearance, it is up to Maisy to discover the truth. And she knows just where to start. The woman who lives alone in the wood about whom so many rumours abound. A woman named Grace Deville.

img_1258I’ve always been a huge fan of Lesley Pearse’s writing and over the years I’ve read every book of hers if you include The Woman In The Wood that makes twenty five books. You would think after writing so many books the author would be running out of fresh ideas and characters, but no her novels continue to be original in content and compelling. I think this is definitely the darkest book due to the subject matter, but it is now firmly one of my favourite books by this author.

As you can see from the book description this novel is very much a crime thriller, the subject matter could have made for a very disturbing read, but Lesley Pearse has such a unique way of writing she is able to tell a fantastic story that’s both upsetting and shocking, but doesn’t dwell or embellish on the events just to add Shock value to the tale.

I always find with this authors novels and The Woman In The Wood is no exception , that Lesley Pearce gets into the heads of ordinary people and makes them extraordinary. Her power is in the small detail that builds tension and forces us to care about the characters she’s created. The twins Daisy and Duncan were so well developed you couldn’t help but become immersed in their story and as for The Woman In The Wood what a character, but that’s all I’m going to say about her as I don’t want to give away spoilers.

This book has so many elements that make it a gripping read, it certainly made for an emotional read but the outstanding plot also made for a suspense fuelled one. The Woman In The Woods explores the resilience of people, the importance of friendship and so much more. Despite this being the authors 25th book Lesley Pearse continues to write from the heart which for me make her novels a delight to read.

Buying links:    Amazon Uk 🇬🇧         Amazon US 🇺🇸

Print Length: 400 pages

Publisher: Penguin (29 Jun. 2017)



Lesley Pearse’s novels have sold over ten million copies worldwide and include most recently Dead to Me, Without a Trace, Survivor, Forgive Me and The Promise. Lesley lives in Devon and has three daughters and four grandchildren.

Books in order:

  1. Georgia (1993)
  2. Tara (1994)
  3. Charity (1995)
  4. Ellie (1996)
  5. Camellia (1997)
  6. Rosie (1998)
  7. Charlie (1999)
  8. Never Look Back (2000)
  9. Trust Me (2001)
  10. Father Unknown (2002)
  11. Till We Meet Again (2002)
  12. Remember Me (2003)
  13. Secrets (2004)
  14. A Lesser Evil (2005)
  15. Hope (2006)
  16. Faith (2007)
  17. Gypsy (2008)
  18. Stolen (2010)
  19. Belle (2011)
  20. The Promise (2012)
  21. Forgive Me (2013)
  22. Survivor (2014)
  23. Without a Trace (2015)
  24. Dead to Me (2016)
  25. The Woman in the Wood (2017)




**Blog Tour**Porcelain: Flesh Of Innocents by Lee Cockburn #GuestPost @lee_leecockburn @gilbster1000


Today I’m on the blog tour for Porcelain: Flesh Of Innocents by Lee Cockburn. Vivid, dark and deeply unsettling Porcelain: Flesh of Innocents is the perfect next read for crime and police thriller fans. It’s published today so you don’t even have to wait to get a copy, and to celebrate I have a fabulous guest post from Lee Cockburn who reveals her five favourite crime books.


5 crime books that I have enjoyed

My favourite crime writer just now is Tess Gerritsen, her books the surgeon and the apprentice were the first of a series, the characters Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles both believable, have real life vulnerabilities, but both very skilled workers in their chosen professions. I like the development of the romance between Rizolli and Gabrielle and I like the rest of the books in the series as I have read them all, where that relationship blooms and continues into marriage and family life.

The main perpetrator of the first book in the series Warren Hoyt, a cruel and vile man with surgical skills factually described throughout the book, and featuring in all of Gerritson’s books due to her profession, other than being an author. I like how Hoyt features in the second book, continuing his reign of terror and his unhealthy focus on Rizzoli. I also love Rizolli’s strength and her fiesty nature and her vulnerabilities and insecurities.

The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, I just loved it, the twists and turns throughout, the short chapters allowing you to race to the next, skilfully tying up all of the loose ends, and leaving me happy I picked it up, although I wasn’t available for a day or two. A great read, I couldn’t put it down, and I regret not reading more of his novels, I just don’t have time.


Schindler’s list, by Thomas Keneally a war crimes thriller, brutally graphic, true account of the horrific atrocities that took place during the Second World War. Brilliant book, well written, provoking novel that leaves you with tears in your eyes at the way humans can behave towards one another. I highly recommend this book, a must read, but heart breaking, and make you wonder about human nature.


The last book not a crime thriller as such, the Tea Planters Wife by Dinah Jeffries, given to me by my mother in law. I started reading it, initially moaning at some of the over description, but the story soon had me drawn in, the true crimes of life itself out on full display, opinions and beliefs leading to the main character giving up her daughter, lies and deceit throughout left me impatient to get to the end, where I found myself in tears, with the sadness behind the unfortunate chain of events. Not the type of book I read, but really enjoyed it.



Lee Cockburn has worked for Police Scotland for sixteen years including as a police sergeant in Edinburgh for seven years and also as a public order officer. Before joining the force, she played for Scotland Women’s rugby team for fifteen years, earning over eighty caps for the Scottish ladies and British Lionesses teams. She also swam competitively for twelve years, successfully representing Edinburgh at the age of fifteen in the youth Olympics in Denmark in 1984. Lee lives in Edinburgh with her civil partner Emily and their two young sons Jamie and Harry. Her first book Devil’s Demise was published by Clink Street Publishing November 2014.

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Book Description

Detective Sergeant Taylor Nicks is back and in charge of tracking down a sadistic vigilante, with a penchant for torturing paedophiles, in this unsettling crime thriller by a real-life police sergeant. 

High-powered businessmen are turning up tortured around the city of Edinburgh with one specific thing in common — a sinister double life involving pedophilia. Leaving his ‘victims’ in a disturbing state, the individual responsible calls the police and lays bare the evidence of their targets’ twisted misdemeanours to discover, along with a special memento of their own troubled past — a chilling calling card.

Once again heading the investigation team is Detective Sergeant Taylor Nicks, along with her partner Detective Constable Marcus Black, who are tasked not only with tracking the perpetrator down but also dealing with the unusual scenario of having to arrest the victims for their own barbarous crimes. But with the wounded piling up the predator’s thirst for revenge intensifies and soon Nicks discovers that she is no longer chasing down a sinister attacker but a deadly serial killer.

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