My Review Policy


    ***January 2017***

Please note I am not taking on any new books to review at the moment, due to life taking an unexpected turn. I will still be posting reviews on my blog but for the next few months I will be concentrating on my backlog of books.

I am very happy to review books on request from authors and publishers in exchange for an honest review. I cannot guarantee a timeframe unless we discuss and agree a particular date for a post, please note this blog is my passion but not a job (unfortunately), and so I have to fit in reading and reviewing around a full time job

My preference is for crime thrillers, psychological thrillers, police procedurals etc so please do not be offended if I turn down other genres. Book formats I accept are paperback, hardback and kindle (.mobi) files. I do not accept PDF or word files I’m afraid.

I  will always be open and honest with my reviews, and reviews will be posted to Amazon UK and my Twitter page @reviewcafe, my Facebook page the book review cafe, Goodreads and here on my blog, I also post to numerous book groups I belong to on Facebook. I will not post a review of any book that I feel may reflect badly towards the author, but I cannot guarantee a positive review.

My rating system works in the usual way, where I rate your book out of five, five being the highest rating, I will only post 3* plus reviews. If I can’t complete the book, or hate it, I won’t post a review as I don’t feel it fair to the author. I will though let whoever gave me the book know that this is the case. You can see an explanation of how I rate the books I review here

or its posted in pages below the book review cafe banner on my main page..

If you would like me to review a book on this blog, then please use my contact form, at the top of my main blog page, and include the following details:
Title and Author of book
Publisher (or self published if applicable)
Publication Date (and time-frame when posting a review would be acceptable)

Or you can email me direct at

If I accept your book for review this means it will be considered for review on my blog, but is not guaranteed.

I’m happy to do guests posts, interviews and giveaways as well as book tours and cover reveals, so feel free to contact me if you would like me to promote you and your book on my blog.  Many thanks for popping by the book review cafe

I do not ask for, nor receive, payment for any review. Although my reviews may contain links to Amazon, this is purely for ease of reference. I have no affiliation with, and receive no payment from Amazon, or any other company whose links I may include.

Quoting my reviews

I am 100% happy for authors/publishers to reproduce parts of my reviews in books, on websites or as part of wider publicity, but please could these be attributed to me and to The Book Review Cafe

Lorraine Aka The Book Review Cafe 




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