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**Coming soon** new feature on the book review café #BookBloggers wanted What’s on your Book Shelf?



I know I haven’t done much blogging lately, but I will definitely be making more of an effort in September after I return from my holiday. When I come back I will be running a brand new weekly Wednesday feature What’s on your book shelf? Not particularly original I know 😂

Anyway I have had a tremendous response to my plea for bloggers to take part, and I would love it if more book bloggers signed up so I can make it a long running feature. It doesn’t matter what genre you read as long as you have a book blog and books of course 😂 you’re welcome to take part.


One of my book shelves

Basically I will be asking you questions about your book shelves, favourite books etc there are only eight questions so hopefully this won’t put you off. It would be great if you could include photos of your book shelves, books etc and a bio of yourself and links to your blog.

If your interested contact me @ thebookreviewcafe.mail.com and I will send the questions across to you. Please note this is a weekly feature so it may take me a while to get to you.  Also I will be running this feature in the order bloggers send their answers back, please let me know in your email if there’s a particularl day/month you don’t want your feature to appear.


Some of my own signed books ♥️

#BehindTheBooks an interview with Sarah Hardy from Book On The Bright Side @BOTBSPublicity #BlogTourOrganiser

Today I’m thrilled to welcome the awesome Sarah Hardy to the book review café. Sarah is one of the most successful book bloggers I know, and if you haven’t checked out her blog it’s a MUST Bytheletterbookreviews

Sarah is the first to feature in a series of articles I’m hoping to run called Behind The Books. Sarah has started up her own business Book On The Bright Side  running blog tours for authors and publishers. I wanted to learn more so here’s my interview with Sarah, hope you enjoy it.


Hi Sarah I’m thrilled to have you visit the book review café, first things first, tea or coffee?

I’m into my green teas at the moment so would love one of those thanks 🙂

Congratulations on your new business venture Book On The Bright Side, why did you decide to set up your own blog tour business?

Thanks Lorraine. Blog tours are something I’ve always been enthusiastic about. For one I love blogging and I also love to shout about books and authors and blog tours are a great way to promote both. I love taking part in them as well as organising them. It’s something I’m very passionate about and doing it for myself seemed the next step.

Can you explain what a book tour is?

A book tour is a promotional tool to help authors/publishers promote themselves as well as their books. It is a virtual tour where by bloggers will either read and review the authors book or host an extract/Q&A/guest post and share on a designated date alongside more info about the author and book. It’s a great way of making it visible on social media.

Would you mind sharing with us a typical day in the life of a book blog tour organiser?

I’m lucky that at the moment I am able to work from home. After dropping my son off at school, I get straight onto my laptop. If there is a blog tour running, then the first thing I will do is go look for stops that are on that day so I can share and re tweet. Then the majority of my day is spent sending or replying to emails. Time will also be spent, organising and finalising new blog tours that are coming in as well as creating blog tour banners and getting the media pack together which compromises of the images and all the info that the bloggers will need. It’s certainly not a 9-5 job but there is a lot of flexibility to it.

What’s the best thing about organising blog tours?

The best bit has to be getting to know and working with some great bloggers as well as discovering new authors and books to me. The book community is a great one to be part of.

Which brings me to my next question, what’s the worse thing about organising a blog tour?

The down side is probably that there is no fixed working times. I can find myself working late at night as well as weekends, of which I try to keep to a minimum.

Is there a book/genre/theme that you would refuse to arrange a blog tour for?

I can’t think of any as such that I would refuse. There maybe some I would turn down as I don’t think it would be a popular reading choice with the bloggers I have signed up. Will let you know if I ever come across one lol.

If I was an author or a publisher why should I have a blog tour for my book?

Blog tours are a great way to create a buzz about a book as well as raise awareness across social media. Lots of the bloggers have a wide reach on various platforms and I think for the authors it’s something they can really get involved in and enjoy.

What is the best timing for a blog tour?

Definitely around the time the book is due to come out. I usually recommend starting them on the publishing day itself. Of course a lot of authors have titles which have been out for a while, of which they want to give it an extra push so may want to coincide the blog tour with a price drop. I would always recommend authors who are thinking of doing one for a new novel, to approach an organiser no less than 2 months before the publishing date.

How do you measure the success of a blog tour?

For me, it’s the great reviews from the bloggers and getting great feedback from the author and the publisher. It’s especially lovely when a blogger will email you thanking you for inviting them to be part of the tour as they loved the book so much. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Have you got any blog tours coming up that you are really excited about?

I get excited about them all but am especially excited about Noelle Holten’s debut novel, Dead Inside. This will be my biggest blog tour to date. I met Noelle through blogging and she has become a very close friend. I couldn’t be more prouder of everything she has achieved and was over the moon when she asked me to organise it. I think I was grinning for a fair few days after her asking me.

And finally if you could choose one author who you would want to run a blog tour for who would it be? and why?

Apart from Noelle aka  Crime Book Junkie  of course, I’m lucky that I have actually already organised a blog tour for the author who I would choose. I am a huge fan of Robert Bryndza’s books and he was actually my very first client when I set up my free lance business. Apart from being a huge fan of his books, he always takes the time out to thank or acknowledge his readers comments and posts and is just a genuinely lovely guy. He was an absolute pleasure to work with, as are all the authors I have been lucky enough to work with so far. He is an author I have always championed since discovering his novels though sometimes I do feel a bit of an author stalker but he hasn’t put a restraining order on me yet lol.

My thanks to Sarah for taking timeout of her busy schedule to answer my questions.

About Sarah


I am an avid reader and blogger and have two years experience working with a digital publisher as their publicity and social media person. I made the decision in 2018 to go freelance and now organise blog tours directly with authors as well as publishers for crime and women’s fiction novels.

For more information and prices, please email Sarah at:

Or contact her via Twitter BOTBSPublicity


Book bloggers who organise blog tours….

Anne at Random Things Through My Letterbox

Emma at Damppebbles

Shell at Bakers not so secret blog

Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources

Tracy at Compulsive readers

Kelly at Love books group




The book review café’s book of the month **November 2018**


WOW here we are in December, where did the rest of 2018 go? As it’s the beginning of December it’s time to share my book of the month, now you might just want to sit down for this one *shock,horror* I have finally got ONE book of the month, yes you read that right!

As anyone who follows my blog will know I choose a book  for the previous month, in this case November (and normally fail miserably in narrowing it down to one). It’s given to a book I feel is particularly outstanding, a book that covers every aspect of what I look for in a read, an original  plot, great characters and a storyline that draws me in from the first page and keeps me in its grips until I reach the very last page. So without further ado here’s my book of the month…….

The Liar’s Wife by Samantha Hayes


Oh my freaking god! What a fabulous and compelling  read The Liar’s Wife by Samantha Hayes turned out to be.  I must be honest when I read the book description I wasn’t convinced it would be an original read, as I’ve read numerous psychological thrillers where the protagonist wakes up from a coma with no memory,  but what makes this one so different is in the telling of a very twisted and disturbing tale. Read on for my thoughts The Liar’s Wife by Samantha Hayes hayes


Here are some of the books I read in November I would happily recommend



Full reviews can be found below…….

**Blog tour** #HushHush by Mel Sherratt @writermels @AvonBooksUk #BookReview

The Dream Daughter by Diane Chamberlain #BookReview @D_Chamberlain

#AndSoItBegins by Rachel Abbott #BlogTour @RachelAbbott @annecater

**Blog Tour** #TheHunted by Kerry Barnes #BookReview @KerryBarnes1 @HQDigitalUK

The Coco Pinchard Boxset by Robert Bryndza @RobertBryndza @CocoPinchard – Coco Pinchard’s Must Have Toy Story #BlogTour #bookreview #TeamBryndza #giveaway @BOTBSPublicity

#TheKey by Katherine Hughes#BookReview @headlinepg

Her Last Move by John Marrs #BookReview @johnmarrs1 @AmazonPub

Next month  I will be sharing my top reads of the 20018 which is going to be much easier than I thought. I came up with a plan of sorts which I will reveal next month when I share my post.

Books I’m hoping to read in December

The eagle eyed amongst you may notice some of these books were also on my November pile, which I never got around to reading #EpicFail 😂




#TopFiveThusday with #BookBlogger Lynne at fictionophile @fictionophile

Today I’m thrilled to welcome Lynne to the book review café whose agreed to share her #TopFiveThursday. Lynne blogs over at Fictionophile And her site is a treasure trove for anyone who loves books, not only does she review a wealth of books but she also runs regular book features such as cover love and Wednesday’s Word. If you haven’t checked out Lynne’s blog it’s a must.


Top 5 books read so far this year: (with links to my reviews)

Persons unknown” by Susie Steiner

Then she was gone” by Lisa Jewell

Beartown” by Fredrik Backman

Possible world” by Liese O’Halloran Schwarz

Dark game” by Rachel Lynch

Top five authors you think everyone should read?

Ruth Rendell

Fredrik Backman

Sharon Bolton

Peter May

Rachel Joyce

Top 5 books you want to read before this year is out?

“The Craftsman” by Sharon Bolton

“Salt Lane” by William Shaw

“The dry” by Jane Harper

“Us against you” by Fredrik Backman

“Snap” by Belinda Bauer

Top 5 tips I would give to new bloggers?

Write a review policy.  State up front what you will/will not review along with your preferred genres and reading format.

If you over-commit yourself it will seems like ‘work’. Learn to say NO – if you don’t you’ll get overwhelmed.

Support other bloggers, if you do you’ll be rewarded in spades

Always be considerate and fair when posting reviews.  You can let the world know a book is not for you without insulting the author or other reader’s choices.

You don’t HAVE to participate in every ‘tag’ or ‘meme’ that comes along.  It is YOUR blog, so do only the ones that really appeal to you.

Top 5 blogs you follow?   (I found this one really difficult as I follow a lot of wonderful book blogs)

Cleo’s Cleopatra loves books

Juliet’s Bookliterati Book Reviews

Jen’s Jen Med’s book reviews

Jo’s My Chestnut Reading Tree

Emma’s Damppebbles

A little about Lynne


Before retirement I was the fiction cataloguer for Halifax Public Libraries in Nova Scotia, Canada.  So many wonderful books passed my desk that everyday felt a little bit like Christmas morning.

Since retirement, I enjoy spending quality time with my husband, enjoying a glass of wine with my friends, gardening, watching British television drama, doing word games, crocheting, and jigsaw puzzles.  Our summers are spent at our seaside cottage on the Northumberland Strait of Nova Scotia.  I love to read, and my favorite genre is mystery fiction. I also have a deep appreciation for classic literature and literary fiction.

I have been married for over 41 years and I am the proud mother of two adult children.

My thanks to Lynne for taking part in #TopFiveThursday its much appreciated and a HUGE thank you to all the bloggers who have taken part, without them this popular post wouldn’t have got off the ground. If you’ve missed any of the posts they can be found here….. #TopFiveThursday index.

All good things must come to an end and this is my last ever #TopFiveThursday post. I’m hoping to start a new feature early next year if I can come up with something original, (you might have a long wait 😂🙈).


#TopFiveThursday with #BookBlogger #Author Bernadette Maycock @BRMaycock.

Today I’m thrilled to welcome Bernadette Maycock to the book review café and answer those pesky #TopFiveThursday questions. Not only is Bernadette a first class blogger over at https://brmaycock.wordpress.com but she’s also the author of It Started With A SnubAnd her latest book Snow dayIs published now and sounds the perfect read for this time of year . If you haven’t checked out Bernadette’s blog it’s definitely worth checking it out.


Top five books you’ve read so far this year?

Mine by Suzi Fox

Anything You do Say by Gillian McCallister

Exquisite by Sarah Stovell

My Sisters and Me by Lisa Dickensen

No Safe Place by Patricia Gibney

Top five authors you think everyone should read? 

Patricia Gibney

Kathryn Croft

Andrea Mara

Fiona Gibson

Hannah Ellis

Top five books you want to read before the year is out?

Loads up Kindle for fun hour of figuring what I want to read in the next two months … 

Okay, I’m back!

Summer at the old boathouse by Hannah Ellis

Patricia Gibney-Tell Nobody

Coco Pinchard box set by Robert Bryndza (some are re-reads so that’ll tell you how good they are!)

The Cornish Village School-Second Chances by Kitty Wilson

Jenny Morton Potts-Hiding

Top five tips you would give to new bloggers?

Try and have at least part of  a small number of blog posts prepared at a time, there is nothing worse than a blank page when you’re under pressure

List, lists, lists- if you always write down what you have to do you will never end up flustered! 

If you have a bit of time free go looking for some fun memes for your blog, there’s some great ones out there!

Don’t get too worried about what other people are doing, just put your head down, work hard and enjoy!

Remember that you’re blogging for fun!

Top five blogs you follow? 

This is so hard … (note from Berni: at the end of this post I have written and rewritten this list probably 5 times as there are way too many blogs to choose from!)

Rather Too Fond Of Books

The Writing Garnet

By The Letter Book Reviews

Linda’s book bag

Art and Soul 

About Bernadette


Bernadette Maycock (writing as B. R. Maycock) participates in a closed Facebook group called Image, Write, Inspire (IWI), led by the award-winning author Carmel Harrington (Beyond Grace’s Rainbow, The Life You Left) Bernadette has just started a book review blog (https://brmaycock.wordpress.com/) that is in complete infancy, reviewing books that are ‘the lighter side of heavy TBR lists,’ in particular chick lit (her first love!) and women’s fiction.

She lives in Co. Westmeath, Ireland with her brilliantly out there husband, Keith, and four amazing children- Paul, Conor, Aidan and Brian. She can be found on twitter most days as @brmaycock.

Here’’s the book description of Bernadette’s latest book Snowday and I just love the cover.

Book description


Sometimes hot cocoa just isn’t enough to keep you warm in the snow…

Eloise is too busy juggling the chaos of three kids, an ever present ex-husband and a demanding boss to even remember the last time dating crossed her mind.

But as soft snow falls silently all around, romance twinkles with the flakes.

After being single for so long, Eloise suddenly has a lot of choices. Too many choices. Will anyone be worthy of melting the guard around her heart to let love in?

A fun-filled, festive read for fans of Christie Barlow, Fiona Gibson and Colleen Coleman

Buying links:   Amazon UK 🇬🇧       Amazon US 🇺🇸

My thanks to Bernadette for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer my #TopFiveThursday questions, it’s much appreciated.

#TopFive Thursday with #BookBlogger Nikola at Breathing Through Pages @brthroughpages

Today I’m thrilled to welcome fellow book blogger Nikola who blogs over at Breathingthroughpages  to the book review café, and I think he deserves a big round of applause as he’s only the second male to take part in this feature 👏🏻👏🏻. If you haven’t checked out Nikola’s blog yet, you really should, he reviews a wide range of books so you will find plenty to tempt you. So without further ado here’s Nikola’s #TopFiveThursday


First of all I would like to thank you Lorraine for including me and allowing me the opportunity to be featured on your wonderful book blog!

Top five books you’ve read so far this year?

The House of Impossible Beauties by Joseph Cassara

“THOIB is such a fantastic book about transgender kids as well as the ball scene in the ‘80s. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to get educated/familiar with the LGBTQ+ scene but also people who love books about friendship and life.”

The Heart’s Invisible Furies by John Boyne

“I think that this book needs no introduction nor explanation. We’ve all heard about The Heart’s Invisible Furies and it’s such a fantastic book filled with joy, loss and heart.”

The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin

“The Immortalists is a story about four siblings who go to a fortune-teller to find out the date of their deaths.. if that doesn’t suck you right in I don’t know what will! Benjamin writes so well and makes you care for the characters in a way you won’t imagine.”

The Only Girl in the World: A Memoir by Maude Julien

“Maude Julien’s The Only Girl in the World memoir is so mesmerising, amazing, brilliant. I can’t recommend it enough. You will get lost in this memoir and be shocked by it. Seriously, read it!”

Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover

“Educated by Tara Westover is a memoir you will LOVE, it’s filled with struggles of a girl born in a place where she is constrained from her dreams but finds a way to achieve them and eventually rise to her fullest self.”


Top five authors you think everyone should read?

Donna Tartt  – Whenever someone asks me for recommendations I always say Tartt. Her writing is amazing and beautiful. Her stories mysterious, fascinating and interesting. If you’re new to her I suggest you start The Secret History.

Hanya Yanagihara  – I’ve read Yanagihara’s A Little Life a few years ago and it has stayed with me still. I bought myself a copy of her first book The People in the Trees which I intend to read soon. I think that ALL is an excellent exploration of one’s psychology. If you like following stories that span decades, this is the one for you.

Sylvia Plath – Yes, I know that she’s a poet but she also wrote The Bell Jar which is a semi-autobiographical novel which follows a troubled woman named Esther who slowly loses her mind. Plath as such a fascinating person and her poems as well as The Bell Jar are something I come back to often. I think that everyone should read Plath at least once and even if you don’t get her, you will get an understanding of people who get melancholic from time to time because her words resonate with many.

Jennie Melamed – A recent addition to my favourite authors has to be Melamed because ever since I read her debut Gather the Daughters I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s such an amazing dystopian book set on an island where nothing is what it seems. Her writing is gorgeous and she delves into the darkest things which I adore reading.

Celeste Ng – Ng is a miracle of our time. Both Everything You Never Told Me and Little Fires Everywhere are filled with such gorgeous writing from Ng as well as wonderful stories which are relevent these days. If you haven’t read Ng I recommend you start with her debut.

Five books you want to read before the year is out?

The Animators by Kayla Rae Whitaker – This book was published last year and I got a digital copy of it which I cannot wait to read and will make sure to read it by the end of the year because it’s such a brilliant sounding one.

Enigma Variations by André Aciman – Aciman is one of my favourites ever since I read Call Me by your Name which is a book I adored. I am definitely putting this one VERY high on my TBR. The paperback is out in October.

The Great Believers by Rebecca Makkai – I am absolutely making sure that TBG is going to be read by the end of this year. I love the sound of this book and that it deals with HIV as well as it being set in Chicago. This book is already out and has been getting great praise.

 A Different Drummer by William Melvin Kelley – I have received a proof of this book by the publisher and seeing all the excitement around it makes me want to read it. This book sounds very important and I love reading books that will teach me new things and introduce a new perspective. 

 The Syndicate by Guy Bolton – If you read the synopsis of it you’ll know why I want to read it. 1940’s, Las Vegas, Mystery – I mean! It sounds completely brilliant like everything Oneworld Publications bring into the world

There are so many more but I had to choose five. I would definitely add 20 more books if I could!.


Top five tips you would give to new bloggers?

Mental health – One of the most important things is: IT’S YOUR BLOG. If you don’t feel like posting or haven’t had time to read/post IT’S OKAY. No one is making you or pressuring you to publish a post every single day. It’s okay to take a break once in a while and figure yourself out or take mental health days to relax and do something that you really really enjoy.

ARCs – I know, I know it’s so hard resisting them but you don’t want to end up with 40+ books on your TBR and chaos in your mind. I always choose my books wisely and that’s what you should do. Pick books that you think you’ll enjoy and don’t go on sprees where you request every book on NetGalley, Edelweiss or emailing publicists.

Do your own thing – There are no rules to book blogging: you can post about your trip to Italy for example or your pets. It’s your blog as I’ve mentioned which means you control what you post. 

Don’t stress over views/statistics – It’s never good to stare at your Stats page on WordPress (or other platform) because it will bring you down. A post didn’t get the recognition you wanted , so what! What’s important is that even if it had 5 comments or 20 views it still got the attention of people who are interested in it.

Socialize with other bloggers – It’s always good to make a Twitter or an Instagram account where you can share photos of your books or book love. You can also comment on other bloggers posts! We don’t bite and we love online-meeting new book bloggers and reading their reviews/seeing what books they like. There are many book bloggers who are so great and who will help you out, so don’t shy away from reaching out to them.

Top five blogs you follow? 

There are so many book blogs that I love visiting and get excited when they post something. I do apologize but I will name more than five:

Inge – The Belgian Reviewer

Abby – Crime by the Book

Danielle – Books, Vertigo & Tea

Lashaan and Trang – Bookidote

Amy – Novelgossip

Annie – TheMisstery

Renee – ItsBookTalk

Misti – Mistimoobookreviews

Chelsea – The Suspense is Thrilling Me

Stuart – Always Trust in Books

Diana – A Haven for Book Lovers

Ann – Lit.Wit.Wine & Dine.

Yvo – It’s All About Books

+ many more.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?


My name is Nikola and I am a twenty-one year old guy from Central Europe. I enjoy reading books and mostly read them in English even though you’ll ocassionally find me reading a book in my language. I love books and own a big collection of them. I love reading adult fiction, mental health books, memoirs, non-fiction, dystopian and crime and thriller books. I study Social work at University and juggle both school work and reading.

Social media links

Twitter – https://twitter.com/brthroughpages

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/breathingthroughpages/

GoodReads – https://www.goodreads.com/breathingthroughpages

Breathing Through Pages is a book blog created by two people – Nikola and Elizabeth – nowadays Nikola is mostly active on it and posts reviews of books he enjoys reading. BTP was created with the idea of sharing book love and advancing writing skills of the creators, as well as meeting book bloggers with similar interests.

Book blog – https://breathingthroughpages.wordpress.com/

My thanks to Nikola for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer my #TopFiveThursday questions, it’s much appreciated.

#TopFiveThursday with #BookBlogger Mary at Liveanddeadly @Bethsy



Today I’m thrilled to have the awesome Mary answer those pesky #TopFiveThursday questions. Mary blogs over at Liveanddeadly is one of my favourite’s as like me she’s a huge crime thriller reader. Mary’s  reviews are always a pleasure to read, so if you haven’t already checked our her fab blog you might want to pop over and take a look, I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Top five books you’ve read so far this year?

Only 5? That’s really hard. So:

Anatomy of a Scandal, Sarah Vaughan

Come and Find Me, Sarah Hilary

MidWinter Break by Bernard MacLaverty

This is How it Ends by Eva Dolan

Seventeen by Hideo Yokoyama

but that leaves out all the  Orenda books I want to squeeze in, especially Keeper by Jo Gustawsson and We Were the Salt of the Sea by Roxanne Bouchard

Top five authors you think everyone should read?

Sarah Hilary

Sabine Durrant

Eva Dolan

Jo Gustawsson

Craig Robertson (can I sneak in Sandrone Dazieri, too?) yes as you asked so nicely. 

Top five books you want to read before the year is out?

Insidious Intent by Val McDermid

The Tattoo Thief by Alison Belsham

The Quaker by Liam McIlvanney

The Way of All Flesh by Ambrose Parry

Transcription by Kate Atkinson

Top five tips you would give to new bloggers? 

Be true to yourself and blog for you and your readers.

Blog about what you like to read.

Do it at your own pace and enjoy it.

Do not stress about getting or not getting books.

Do engage on social media – there’s a fabulous blogging community out there.

Top five blogs you follow? 

Abby at http://crimebythebook.com/

Jen at https://jenmedsbookreviews.com/

Victoria at http://off-the-shelfbooks.blogspot.com

kate at https://thequietknitterer.wordpress.com/

sharon at https://chapterinmylife.wordpress.com/

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?


I hate pics of me but I like this one with the lovely Gunnar Staalesen

Way older than I think I am. Used to work as Head of Comms for England at the BBC, before that Equity the Actors Union and the Scottish TUC. Now I do the odd bit of freelance work and spend the rest of my time reading and attending book festivals when I can afford it.

Social media links:

Twitter: @bethsy

Facebook: @Live and Deadly

Instagram: bethsy

Website: Live and Deadly at https://liveanddeadly.net


My thanks to Mary for taking part in #TopFiveThursday, it’s much appreciated.