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What’s on your bookshelf? With #BookBlogger Sarah Hardy at bytheletterbookreviews @sarahhardy681

Woohoo it’s Wednesday not only is it #HumpDay but it’s also time to share another What’s on your bookshelf? post.
Today I’m thrilled to welcome one of my favourite bloggers on the planet to the book review café, THE Sarah Hardy, book blogger extraordinaire at Bytheletterbookreviews and book blog tour organiser at Book On The Bright Side. I’m sure you already follow Sarah’s blog, but if you don’t, it’s a MUST! I hope you enjoy reading Sarah’s post, and I have to say after seeing her photos I have serious bookshelf #Envy 😂. So without further ado over to Sarah……..

Hi Sarah how many bookcases do you have?

Technically two and a half, which you can see from the picture. There is still room luckily for a few more books yet and then comes the hard part of what to keep and what to get rid off as hubby has put his foot down that, that’s all the book space I can have. I could of course just get rid of him instead. I do also have around twenty books on two shelves in my bedroom which I have still to read all of them. There is also a work desk which has around another thirty odd books on the shelves but was a bit embarrassed to take a picture as not the tidest of work spaces lol. So can understand the hubby’s reluctance at making anymore room for them.
Approximately how many books are on your bookcase?
I have no idea how many books I have. I could of course, include my kindle and it would be probably running over a thousand but physical, at a guess, Maybe two hundred. I wouldn’t swear on that though.
What genre does your bookcase mainly comprise of?
Definitely crime/thrillers are the main genre on my shelves. My all time favourite genre is psychological thrillers. I do read mainly on my Kindle now a days and love getting books signed by authors for books i’ve already read and then pop them on my shelves next to the other signed ones. Getting quite a collection now.
Which book on your bookcase are you desperate to read?
The most desperate book is probably The Talking Of Annie Thorne by C.J. Tudor. Har last book, The Chalk Man I had sat on my book case for over two years before reading it and so far this one has been there for over a year and hearing yet again so many great things, I know I really need to get round to reading it soon.
Which book has been sat on your bookcase the longest and you haven’t yet got around to reading?
So ashamed with how long this one has been sat here for but it’s Far From True by Linwood Barclay. I got a signed copy at Theakstons crime writing fesitval in Harrogate in July 2016. I have only just recently read Elevator Pitch by the author which I loved and that is actually the first book I have read by him. I bought this copy after hearing so many great things and also my wonderful Harrogate room mate, Joanne Robertson over at My Chestnut Reading Tree, won a competition to have afternoon tea with the author and she very kindly took me as her plus one. Such a lovely man and I have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to his books.
Which books are you desperate to add to your bookcase over the next few months?
Definitely a signed copy of Nine Elms by Robert Bryndza. I am a huge fan of his books. The crime ones as well as the wonderful Coco Pinchard series. I have them all and each one signed. Even the one that he co wrote with his husband which I got them both to sign another year at the Theakstons Crime Writing Festival. Also can’t wait to add Dead Wrong by Noelle Holten which is the second book in the brilliant Maggie Jamieson crime series. Very excited about this series.
If you could only keep one book from your bookcase, which one would you choose? And why?
Ooh, that is a very tough question. It’s like asking me which is my favourite child. As it’s been my top read of 2019 though, I would have to say my proof copy of Nine Elms. Definitely my most outstanding read this year.
Last question if you could have one author come to your house to borrow a book who would it be and why?
If you hadn’t already gathered, it would have to be Robert Bryndza. He is such a lovely guy and I love all his books. i would only let him borrow one though if he gave me a sneak preview of his next book. That would only be fair wouldn’t it?

About Sarah


Sarah is a wife, mum to two, as well as her two fur babies, Bailey and Woody. She lives in West Yorkshire where she works from home. Through her love of books, she also set up her own book blog, By The Letter Book Reviews, which will have been going 5 years next year.

My thanks to Sarah for answering my question and for the use of her personal photographs.

If you are a book blogger and would like to take part in this feature, the more the merrier as I’m hoping to make it a long running feature. Please email me at thebookreviewcafe.mail.com or leave a comment below. Many thanks 

What’s on your bookshelf? with #BookBlogger Juliet at Bookliterati @Bookliterat

Woohoo  it’s Wednesday so not only is it #HappyHumpDay  but it’s also time to have a peek around another book bloggers  bookshelves. Today I’m thrilled to welcome one Juliet who blogs over at www.bookliterati.com
If you haven’t checked out Juliet’s  blog yet it’s a MUST,  Now over to Juliet……….

How many bookcases do you have?

I have 9 Bookcases, soon to be 10; 2, soon to be three in the sitting room, 2 in the snug, and 5 in my bedroom. I also have some of my signed paperbacks on the windowsill in my reading room / conservatory.

Approximately how many books are on your book case?

There are over 500 books on my shelves to read, which is frightening.

What genre does your bookcase mainly comprise of?

I read most genres but the genre I have the most of is historical fiction, my favourite genre.

Which book on your bookcase are you desperate to read?

The one book I am desperate to read is The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton, I just haven’t found the time to fit it in with my review books.

Which books are you desperate to add to your bookcase over the next few months?

Over the next couple of months I am looking forward to adding Tidelands by Philippa Gregory,  The Single Thread by Tracy Chevalier and Akin by Emma Donoghue.


If you could only keep one book from your bookcase, which one would you choose? And why?

It is hard to keep just one book but I think it would be my limited edition first edition signed copy of Possession by A.S Byatt.  This is one of my favourite books of all time and there are only 70 of these special editions in circulation.

Last question if you could have one author come to your house to borrow a book who would it be and why?

An author to my house is a difficult one. I wish the Bronte Sisters were alive so I could meet them but now I think I would like Lucinda Riley to come around. I love her books and she always seems great fun, and  could quiz her about the final book in her Seven Sisters series.
About Juliet

I am Juliet, I am married to David with one daughter, Briony, who is 26 and still lives at home, and four wonderful Cocker Spaniel. I. was an only child with a teacher for a mum who encouraged me to read from an early age. I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have a book on the go, and I still always have a book with me.  After  was diagnosed with Spondylosis and couldn’t work any more reading books became a place to escape the pain and depression and still is today. I started blogging two years ago as something to focus my attention on during the days and I love sharing my thoughts on the books I have read.  My reading companions are my four Cocker Spaniels, Bramble, Bailey, Bronte and Blaise who also ocassionally  help with my blog accidentally.

Facebook: Bookliterati Book Reviews

Twitter: @Bookliterat

Instagram:  Bookliterati_Juliet_Butler

My thanks to Juliet for answering my question and for the use of her personal photographs.

If you are a book blogger and would like to take part in this feature, the more the merrier as I’m hoping to make it a long running feature. Please email me at thebookreviewcafe.mail.com or leave a comment below. Many thanks 

A day with author Robert Bryndza @RobertBryndza


Today I’m thrilled to start my new weekly feature A day with author………it’s something I’ve always wondered about, what does an author do in a “typical day? (Some would say that’s being nosey, and I guess I am 😂😂). So although it’s not an original concept by any means,  I can’t be the only one wondering what author’s get up to, or am I? So I decided to see if I could find out what authors get up to and I have had such a great response to this feature so far, so I’m hoping to make it a long running feature. I hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I did.

As I’m sure you all know by now I’m a huge fan of Robert  Bryndza (and just in case you didn’t, I am 😂) and the gripping Detective Erika Foster series, so you can imagine my delight when the author agreed to write a post about his day as an author for the book review café, So without further ado welcome to A day with author Robert Bryndza…..


The alarm goes off at six thirty, but our two dogs Ricky and Lola always seem to anticipate it by ten minutes, so by 6.20am I’ll have various squeaky toys shoved in my face, my ears nibbled, or more disgustingly, Lola will stick her tongue up my nose.

I’d love to be one of those writers who can roll out of bed and start writing, but dog walking comes first. Unless it’s raining, we take the dogs around the park opposite our flat and I really enjoy this, it gets ideas flowing and I love watching the seasons change, the sunlight on the river and meeting all the other half-asleep dog walkers.


I’ve been writing full time for a few years now, and I’ve found I work best if I treat it like a full time job. I try to sit down and write by eight-thirty or nine in the morning, and I work through until twelve. The internet needs to be switched off on my phone and laptop, or there is no hope of work being done.

When I’m writing about murder and mayhem I always seem to crave a break from it all by lunchtime, so we’ll eat in front the TV and watch comedy. Right now, it’s the sitcom Mom with Alison Janney and Anna Faris, this is one of my favourite shows, along with Entourage, Kath and Kim or Father Ted.

I find that I’m more productive after lunch, and afternoons are when I re-work what I’ve written in the morning. I can get really sucked into the story until I stop at three thirty. I try to write 2,000 – 2,500 words a day, more if things are flowing nicely.


Until last year, I used to write in the living room or sitting on the bed, but now we’ve moved to a house with a spare room which has become my office, and is full of books and I love it. I work in a cosy chair, and there a small bed for when guests stay over, but most of the time the dogs lie beside me snoozing when I work.

My husband Ján also works from home, and we are lucky that we rarely get on each other’s nerves. He works as my manager, and he runs everything to do with my career, and seven of my books which are still self-published in ebook, audio and paperback. He’s also the first person who reads what I write.


I try not to write during the weekends, but I do like to use them for research. When I start a new book I buy a new notebook which becomes my bible, with ideas, research, character and place names. When I read my first draft through I will note down what happens in each chapter, any vital pieces of evidence, the names of murder victims, how they were killed, and any other important info.

As a book progresses, I become more obsessed with what I’m writing, and work will seep into weekends and evenings, and this is the time when I start waking in the night and worrying about motives, murder weapons, plot lines and pretty much everything else in between. This is when the notebook begins to fill up even more.

I realise that this all sounds idyllic and a slightly smug, so I will add that it’s been a long journey to get here with years of rejection, and there were plenty of times when I nearly gave up!


There are days too where I procrastinate and waste time on the internet. Writing for me is never easy, I am often riddled with doubts and have to push myself to stick to deadlines.

But it’s the best job in the world and I am very grateful every day that I get to do it full time.

About the author

Robert Bryndza is the author of the international #1 bestseller The Girl in the Ice, which is the first in his Detective Erika Foster series.

The Night Stalker, Dark Water and Last Breath are the second, third, and fourth books in the series, and the fifth book, Cold Blood has just been published.

Robert’s books have sold over 2 million copies and have been translated into 27 languages.

In addition to writing crime fiction, Robert has published a bestselling series of romantic comedy novels. He is British and lives in Slovakia.

You can find out more about the author at http://www.robertbryndza.com and on Twitter and Instagram @RobertBryndza

Sign up to Robert Bryndza‘s New Release Mailing List here: http://eepurl.com/UITxz


My thanks to Robert Bryndza for taking time out of his busy writing schedule to take part in A day with author…….

If you would like to learn more about the Erika Foster series or buy any of the books you can find them here…..Robert Bryndza Books Amazon